Making Radio Fun Again


Yes, everyone loves a big paycheck with a lot of zero’s on it. However, motivating a radio station staff is more than money. Sometimes a manager has to get creative to keep the team happy. We reached out to several prominent managers across the country and asked them to share the most fun they’ve ever had with their staff. Feel free to steal these great ideas.

Val Maki

Bonneville Bay Area Market Manager and Senior Vice President Val Maki
“Over the years we’ve gone bowling, had picnics, had steak dinners, spun the wheel for prizes, volunteered at a celebrity/charity basketball game/concert, had fun trivia games where we learn more about each other, had potlucks, Halloween costume day and bring your kids for Halloween trick or treats, had themed dress days, photo contests, and other games. We’ve gone to the movies and to theme parks. The most fun has always been when people feel free to share a little about themselves or share a special talent they have at a gathering, when they spend time together and have some laughs and feel connected.

Deon Levingston

Urban One Regional Vice President Deon Levingston
“I made a bet with our COO that our sales staff could make its annual budget. We were considerably off budget when the bet was made so our COO said the staff could take a trip to the designation of their choice if we hit our budget. A couple months into the bet our COO realized that we were going to make the number, so she said I had to trade the trip and it had to be in the USA. Our staff decided on South Beach, and we had an epic adventure that all of us still talk about 20 years later.”

Bob Lawrence

New South Radio Market Manager Bob Lawrence
“When I was President of Pinnacle Media I took the entire staff to Maui, Hawaii for several days. Everyone took excursions throughout the island and we all went on a day cruise, as well. That was probably the most fun (and craziest) thing! We have had some fun get together here in Jackson, too. Just last month the staff and spouses all got together for a springtime party and took over a couple of suites at “Trustmark Park” for a Mississippi Braves game. That was a great time.”


Becky Domyan

Audacy St. Louis Market Manager Becky Domyan
“Throughout my career, I can honestly say the most fun thing I have done was a gathering we did just a month ago. We had another company merge with ours in November of 2020, and we brought over several new team members during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Due to the pandemic, we could not make in person introductions with all of our new teammates. After over six months of working with each other virtually, we had an outdoor, in person, summer kick off picnic with the team. To see many of our staff members meet each other in person for the first time, after months of only interacting on zoom, was so energizing and inspiring. Everyone was laughing, smiling, and the positivity felt on that day was incredible. It was truly a tremendous day.”



  1. Nice to hear those stories. I remember working at KFRC in San Francisco, and our Manager, Nancy McKinley, always tried to make it fun and it was. She had trivia games, seasonal fun promotions, Maui Wowie was a good one. I rarely hear about radio reps having fun. Thanks for that.


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