Lapin Launches New Podcast


Nicole Lapin is hosting a new daily financial podcast, Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin. Distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network, the program is a call-in style financial podcast that demystifies money topics for everyday people.

“I put myself through my own ‘money rehab,’ although it wasn’t called that when I was getting my financial life together, from living paycheck-to-paycheck to growing my own wealth and teaching others to do the same,” said Lapin. “I hope that by being really honest about my mistakes and straight-up about how personal finances work, I can help others do it faster than I did and not make the same mistakes.”

“Nicole is a financial expert whose advice and teachings empower female audiences.” said Will Pearson, COO, iHeartPodcast Network. “Her podcast is authentic, allowing listeners to hear candid money conversations that were once taboo to discuss, now out in the open, allowing those in need of money advice to get out of their financial trenches. I think our listeners will find the podcast to be very relatable.”


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