Cumulus Fires Buffalo Host. Here’s What He Said


Rob Lederman was quickly fired from hosting the 97 Rock morning show in Buffalo after he compared toaster settings to the tone of Black women’s skin on the air Wednesday.

Lederman said he may get into trouble for saying what he said, then described how he likens his toaster settings to women he finds to be attractive. He then mentions the names of Serena Williams and Halle Berry. Buffalo Bills ESPN NFL Nation reporter Marcel Louis Jacques posted the 45-second audio clip on Twitter HERE.

Almost immediately, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center canceled its advertising with the station.

Here’s the company statement on the incident: “Cumulus Media operates from a clearly-defined set of programming principles and there is no question Rob Lederman’s comments made on The Morning Bull Show are in direct violation of those principles. We swiftly terminated him and suspended the remainder of the show’s on-air talent. We apologize, and deeply regret the incident.”

The other two morning show co-hosts are Rich Gaenzler and Chris Klein.

Lederman told The Buffalo News that he was “horrified” by his words after he listened to a recording. “I could easily see how someone could be offended by that. I get that. It sounds terrible, and it is terrible.”

Lederman, who also owns a stand-up comedy shop in Buffalo, had been with the radio station since 1991.


  1. Radio owners pay attention
    You are continually shooting yourself in the foot. Whoever hires these guys should be fired. Radio is no longer a necessity. Advertisers if you do not like what you hear, pull your ad. It is plain and simple. FCC time to get some teeth again. Owners get it together listen to your station. To be honest, would you buy some airtime on your station? Whatever happened to creativity?

  2. Rob Leaderman has no talent at all.Glad hes gone.We allready have a jewish pervert that would be Howard Stern.

  3. While this comment would be more appropriate for standup comedy, with all the stuff on morning rock shows, I can’t believe he was fired.

  4. Wouldn’t it have been great if Rosewell Park, Pegula Sports and all the others who are so forcefully denouncing a radio host in Market 59 would have also use the power of their platforms to speak out over the last four years against the Reality Show Con Artist and the traitor cowards in the Vichy GOP who openly court the stupid and/or biased and impact policy much more than 97 Rock?

    I would think the “values” of Rosewell Park would compel them for “forcefully” reject someone who said there were “fine people” among a group who chanted “Jews will not replace us” and sent a group of Cop Killers to invade the US Capital.

    Rosewell and Pegula’s voice could also speak out against the US Senator who – even though he too said he might get in trouble for his statement when deep down he knew he would be rewarded by his tin foil hat wearing racist constituents for his racism – said the seditionist scum that invaded the Capital to overthrow the legally elected government of the United States were “patriots” but peaceful BLM protesters would make him nervous.

    Nah – too much work and they probably don’t want to offend the racists that go to them for services or attend their games.

    After all, punching down is much easier isn’t it?


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