SiriusXM Drops VSiN For SportsGrid


SportsGrid Radio and SiriusXM announced today that they are teaming up to launch the SportsGrid Radio Channel on SiriusXM on January 7. The SportsGrid Radio channel will be available to SiriusXM subscribers on channel 204. SportsGrid Radio will be replacing the VSiN channel, which will air on SiriusXM until December 31.

SportsGrid Radio will feature a team of on-air personalities including Scott Ferrall, Gabe Morency, Ariel Epstein, and Jared Smith along with contributors and analysts. The channel streams live from New York City.

SportsGrid’s real-time reporting includes the daily odds, lines, matchups, injury reports, news and more across pro football, basketball, baseball, hockey, college sports, golf, tennis, and soccer.


  1. Sport grid does suck. There AM show with Azriel the Jew or whatever her name is sucks. Nobody wants to listen to that shit. Bring back Mitch and Pauley

  2. What a absolutely stupid ass move bye VSIN and SiriusXM. The main reason I have 3 satellite packages is for vsin. What a bunch of dumbasses who make these decisions

  3. VSIN now has as much advertising as programming, which is good for them, but as a day 1 listener, the shows have no momentum anymore. Mitch and Pauly are great, but I’m not going to search out to stream or look for a podcast from them or anyone. Wagering is a specialty activity that belongs in a specialty platform. VSIN leaving their specialty platform SiriusXM is a big mistake and that you can bet on.

    • Unfortunately, it appears that it was Sirius/XM that dropped them. I give them a tremendous amount of credit for creating what they have. I will still listen from home, but will definitely miss turning on the radio to/from work to hear VSIN.

  4. I am not Sirius dropped VSIN or VSIN chose to leave. It appears that there are conflicting articles. I will miss Paulie/Mitch and Gil. Fat Matt was entertaining. The rest meh, including Brent.

  5. VSIN is the only reason I’ve kept XM. hmmmm, will give new channel a fair shake but VSIN is still on my phone so may make a small monetary choice.

  6. Sirius…. you really effed this one up. VSIN is growing immensely. Nationwide recognition. This should’ve been a no brainer. Bot a good move at all.


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