SiriusXM & BMW Extend Contract


The standard availability of SiriusXM is part of a new agreement between SiriusXM and the BMW Group that extends the relationship between the companies through the 2026 calendar year. SiriusXM is now a standard feature in all BMW models sold in the United States beginning with model year 2021.

As part of this agreement, SiriusXM becomes a standard feature in all Rolls Royce models and BMW Motorcycles, and will be standard in MINI vehicles starting with the 2022 model year.

The latest SiriusXM platform combines satellite and streaming content delivery into a single, cohesive in-vehicle entertainment experience. It includes the latest search engine designed to make recommendations on related content.

“BMW delivers their customers a premium experience every time out on the road. We’re very proud that SiriusXM has been a popular feature of that in-vehicle experience dating back to the earliest days of satellite radio in 2002,” said Rodney Pickett, SVP, Automotive Partnerships, SiriusXM.


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