Mental Health Focus Of Special


The fourth annual I’m Listening, a live national program that brings together artists, athletes and medical specialists to raise awareness and end the stigma of talking about mental health is set for later this month. The two-hour special will air nationwide on Wednesday, September 23.

This years program will address mental health issues during times of the global pandemic and the fight for racial equality. Co-hosted by BJ Shea, morning show host for 99.9 KISW (KISW-FM) in Seattle and Dr. Chris Donaghue, international lecturer, therapist, educator and CHANNEL Q on-air host, the show will highlight shared mental health stories and experiences of everyday people and celebrities.

“Conversations have the power to save lives and in this time of heightened unrest, human connection and sharing experiences have never been more powerful,” said Pat Paxton, Chief Programming Officer, Entercom. “I’m Listening is part of our year-round mental health initiative that is integral to not only who we are as a company, but who we are as people. We’re committed to continuing to leverage our national platform to engage in these crucial and healing conversations.”


  1. —-end the stigma of talking about mental health

    Is it at all possible you mean end teaching that prejudice? End promulgating it?


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