GAB Celebrating Radio At 100


The Georgia Association of Broadcasters is joining the National Association of Broadcasters in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of radio. The Association has created a web page with PSAs and information focusing on 100 years of broadcasting in the Peach State.

To celebrate the milestone, the GAB created a Radio 100 Committee. The committee was tasked with creating a series of radio spots and digital elements that showcase Georgia’s diverse populations, cultures, lifestyles, and interests.

Members of the committee include: Sanders Hickey, Golden Isles Broadcasting; Bob Houghton, The Georgia Association of Broadcasters; Richard Warner, Aware Force, Inc.; Harris Blackwood, Governor’s Office of Highway Safety of Georgia; McKenzie Lewis, The Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Contributors included: Kevin Flemmin from Georgia State University; Eric Seidel, Media Trainers, and Garrett Chapman, GAB.

More information can be found Here.


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