Cadence 13 Sets “One Click” For 2021


One Click, an original documentary podcast, will explore how a single click on the internet can change a life forever. Actress Elle Fanning and journalist Jessica Wapner will host the podcast.

The first season will launch in early 2021 with an look at DNP, a chemical originally discovered in a munitions factory and used to make WWI-era artillery shells. It found a home on the internet as a diet pill and bodybuilding aid, with fatal results.

“Our lives are consumed by social media and the internet, and we need to be conscious of the negativity it can breed and the ways in which it is being misused that are so harmful, said Fanning. “Through Jessica’s investigation into DNP, a drug I had never heard of before, we hope to uncover and expose those preying on the vulnerable.”

“Moving this story from print to podcast will make for a far-reaching and in-depth examination of the many dire issues surrounding body image. Elle’s intelligence, openness and experience make her an ideal co-host, said Wapner.

The original story which was published in The Daily Beast in January 2020. Elle Fanning is the star and executive producer of Hulu’s The Great. Journalist Jessica Wapner is the former science editor of Newsweek.


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