Where is Washington Headed?


How America votes in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections will reshape the FCC no matter what happens. If President Trump is reelected, the exit of a big radio deregulation proponent is all but certain. If Joe Biden wins, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will likely be succeeded by one of two Democratic Commissioners.

To kick off the October 15 Hispanic Radio LIVE presentation, Democratic FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks will offer an exclusive look inside the agency, sharing information of importance and interest to all radio industry leaders – in particular those serving Hispanic consumers. Hispanic Radio LIVE begins October 1 and runs for 5 consecutive weeks beginning at 11:30 am Eastern every Thursday.

From the FCC’s appeal to the Supreme Court of its cross-ownership rule “modernization” to its efforts to permit all-digital AM radio, there’s much at stake for radio companies serving Spanish-speaking audiences. Register now, and set a calendar reminder for this timely and informative session.

Five Thursdays in October. Complete agenda HERE.


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