Programming, Sales Changes Lead To Layoffs at Entercom


The Country and Alternative formats and the national sales department were the target of change at Entercom yesterday. An internal memo from the CEO announced the changes as transformative, a word we’ve heard before that also leads to people losing their jobs.

In a memo to Entercom employees CEO David Field said the changes would continue “to transform and improve our organization to best serve our listeners and customers.”

He added that every media company in the world is making meaningful changes to address new opportunities and competition.

Field said a team of Entercom programmers applied fresh thinking to the Country and Alternative formats that will lead to enhanced content and listener experiences. There were no specific details about what those changes were going to be in the memo, perhaps because the memo was also widely distributed outside the company.

The announcement was followed by Entercom employees in those two formats taking to social media to announce their dismissals. 2020 has not been friendly to the radio employee pool. Back to Field’s internal memo: “I want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings about the actions we are taking. To be clear, Entercom will remain local, first and foremost. We will continue to make the industry’s largest investment in local talent.”

Entercom will also be making changes to its national sales structure, according to Field. “We have operated with multiple national teams calling on the same accounts, limiting our ability to focus our communications and hindering our ability to execute as seamlessly as possible on behalf of our national agency and client partnerships. Effective immediately, we are aligning and unifying our national sales teams to make it easier for clients to do business with us while creating more flexibility for national client integration with our brands – locally and at scale across our platform.”

A company-wide conference call is being held today to discuss more of the details


  1. Should’ve stuck with that FM chip idea. People in a post covid world would have eaten it up. David Field really isn’t that smart

  2. Music should light up the Brain waves, similar to and Electroencephalography (test)EEG to relax and remove the stress and anxiety during these unprecedented troublesome times, and it’s very important that the radio personality understand this, it’s dangerous to overwhelmed radio listeners with sad sometimes angry suicidal feel good music,I know and lot of them think like it’s my way or the Highway but the country is facing and global pandemic, and people are hurting, and turn to there radio station for relief.

  3. In the midst of the Entercom layoffs, Chris Booker has been rehired at WNYL Alt92.3. He was last heard doing at KAMP in LA. Today was his first day back on the air.

    • ALT103.7 in Dallas is pure national programming now. Some of the on-air personalities have no relation to the fourth largest media market in the country. It sounds horrible now. Why put on people who incessantly talk about sex like third graders instead of playing good music? Just program the music without mindless chatter. What a concept. Entercom has made a terrible decision.

  4. It’s the Golden Rule Sharon; them that has the gold, make the rules. And you have to remember that the rules don’t apply to the Democrats.

  5. What happened to free speech. You allow Democrats to voice their threats and terriostic behaviors. Wendy Bell get released because she stated that if monuments where being threatened it was ok to shot the person. That she is allowed to say. Shame on you. I hope the boycott keeps getting bigger. Tired of our rights slowly being abolished.


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