Another Podcasting Deal For iHeart


The Recount is a new platform that mixes politics and culture. A deal between The Recount and iHeartRaio will result in the two companies producing a series of new podcasts ahead of the 2020 election. The first three weekly shows — “Hell and High Water with John Heilemann,” “Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri,” and “Battleground with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt” — debut this month.

Here are the details on the new shows from the iHeart press release:

“Hell and High Water with John Heliemann” focuses on the turmoil and upheaval roiling America in 2020. Best-selling author and TV host John Heilemann will have a series of conversations with the people shaping our culture in politics, entertainment, business, technology and beyond. Heilemann will explore how the country is grappling with this tumultuous moment and attempting to pull through and rise above it. Trailer available now, here. Episode one debuts September 8.

“Battleground with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt” features two of America’s storied political strategists — Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager and John McCain’s 2008 chief strategist. Opponents then and co-hosts now — Plouffe and Schmidt will dissect America’s most consequential political battles, from the current presidential campaign to the hurdles facing the next administration to the key issues, beyond the election, impacting voters around the country. Listeners can hear the trailer now, here. Podcast will launch September 14.

“Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri” is hosted by the former communications director for the Obama White House and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Palmieri explores why — after decades of making steady progress — women find themselves banging up against the same glass ceilings. The show features interviews with powerful women from business, politics, the arts and journalism to learn how they found a way to break through and create their own path to success. The weekly podcast will be available beginning September 24.



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