Stations To Carry Breonna Taylor Memorial


According to a Facebook post, about 50 radio stations across the country will carry the memorial service tomorrow. Led by WXOX-FM in Louisville, the broadcast will start at 2 p.m. ET.

26-year old Taylor, was unarmed, when shot killed by police inside her home back in March.

Here’s the list of stations planning to carry the memorial:
WXOX Louisville
KLEK Jonesboro
WSLR Sarasota
WPPM Philadelphia
KMRD Madrid
KEPW Eugene
WBTV Burlington
WGOT Gainesville
KBCU Newton
WXDR New Orleans
WAMF New Orleans
KACR Alameda
KDRT Davis
KOYO Oroville
KXCJ Cave Junction
WBPU St. Petersburg
KZAX Bellingham
KMRE Bellingham
KUGS Belingham
WTSR Trenton
WRFL Lexington
WLXU Lexington
KMUN Astoria
KTCB Tillamook
KPTZ Port Townsen
WHPW Harpswell
WOMM Burlington
WCXP Chicago
WBEZ Chicago
KBBF Calistoga / Santa Rosa
KMUD Garberville
KMUZ Turner / Salem
WORT Madison
WFHB Bloomington
WCRS Columbus
WDBX Carbondale
WXIR Rochester
WAYO Rochester
WPVM Asheville
KPSQ Fayetteville
WERA Arlington
KPPQ Ventura
KXCI Tucson
WMBR Cambridge
WNUC Detroit
KSQD Santa Cruz
KXRY Portland
WFMU Jersey City


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