Nielsen Drops Out of 9 Small Markets


The ratings firm says leaving those markets was normal operating procedure as they are always reviewing the economic viability of doing business in all markets they are in. Here are the 9 markets that will no longer be rated by Nielsen…

Battle Creek, Michigan, Bend, Oregon, Billings, Montana, Grand Junction, Colorado, New Bedford-Fall River, Massachusetts, Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas, Richland-Kennewick-Pasco, Washington, Twin Falls-Sun Valley, Idaho and Yakima, Washington.

Here’s Nielsen’s official statement on the matter: “Like most commercial businesses, Nielsen Audio continually reviews the economic viability of doing business in all markets. If the audio marketplace in select markets cannot financially support measurement, we discontinue producing our syndicated market report in those markets. That is just business as usual,  the typical expansion and contraction of our rated audio market list, which is the case with these nine markets.”


  1. Eastlan would be better suited for those markets, in my opinion… And only that, ‘opinion’….
    (With multi-data collection, not just calls or just diaries)….

  2. Nothing new here, sadly as radio is losing its life blood, it certainly encomics playing a big part.The above markets are just hanging in and must do everything to survive and cut costs where necessary.

    • I’ve heard good things about Eastlan. They are less expensive and do a better job on sampling size in any given area. I’m sure Eastlan will welcome the new business!

      • Absolutely. The Nielsen PPM methodology and system is deeply flawed, anyway.

        Eastlan does things in a far more accurate way.

          • Yes, Dave, I know that PPM is only used in approximately the top 50 radio markets.

            My only point in bringing up PPM is to make the general point that the entire Nielsen methodology is suspect. And I’m not alone in thinking that; I hear grumbling from professionals in the industry, all the time, that Nielsen is, at best, a necessary evil, since it’s really the agencies and assorted large advertisers that require the Nielsen ‘data’.

            Something else is needed.


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