Mark Wheat Exits The Current


As a founding architect of Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current, Wheat said after trying to balance personal and professional goals with his MPR career for the last few years, “I’ve decided, given the times we’re in, to take the plunge and follow my dreams.”

The station said it was Mark’s decision to leave. Here’s more from his statement.

“The company has been extremely supportive during this period of transition, and we agreed on all the logistics and timing. Sorry about the abrupt departure from the airwaves; my last night was Friday, May 29, when I left to go on vacation.

“I’m not good at goodbyes. Thanks to my regular listeners and to our wonderful members for all the support. It was marvelous to be able to leave just after an extremely successful Member Drive in unprecedented times.

“Please know that you have given me a life in Minnesota that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of when moving here in 1992! Wherever my next dream takes me, this will always be my American home state. Stay safe and peaceful to … everyone.”


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