Ben & Skin Move To KEGL In Dallas


Next Monday (Feb. 10) will see the Ben & Skin Show begin airing afternoons on 97.1 The Eagle (KEGL) Dallas/Fort Worth, having moved over from 105.3 The Fan (KRLD-FM).

Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade share a unique chemistry — and antics — born out of 37 years of friendship. The show will also feature Kevin “KT” Turner, who will deliver the latest news, and Krystina Ray, who will produce the show.

“We’re beyond excited to reconnect with listeners,” said Rogers. “They’ve always been the fuel for our rocket ship, and we think they’re absolutely going to love this no-holds-barred version of our show. We’ll have complete freedom to combine everything we’re passionate about into three hours of unfiltered comedy, pop culture, and sports talk. We plan to explore it all in the funniest and most entertaining ways possible.”



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