KABC Announces 2020 On-Air Lineup


Armstrong & Getty will replace Jillian Barberie and John Phillips in morning drive. Barberie has been with the station since 2014. Phillips moves to middays with Larry O’Connor. Michael Savage takes over for Peter Tilden in the evening slot.


  1. Disaster! The programmer who did this should be hung by his you know what’s.. ..
    Mike Savage is ancient history. Shapiro has one point of view – boring. KABC has been destroyed! Sad,sad,sad!

  2. I miss John Phillips in the morning so I go over to KFI now. I listen to KABC at noon to 3 when John and Randy Wang come on. When they are finish, I go back to KFI until 10 pm. Whatever happened to go Joe “Joe” Crummy…we could use a dose of him. Something lighthearted. Give Steve Edwards a show slot please ! A voice of reason, in an unreasonable time.

  3. I listen via the internet since I live in the Midwest. Love Ben Sharpiro, like Michael Savage. Glad Doug McIntyre retired. Don’t like John Phillips at all.

  4. I left when Denis Prager left , wow I’m back . Shapiro , Savage ,Bongino ,wow Im back , Its hard to get good reception of KRLA 870 in some places in santa monica at night anyway .It’s nice being back i remember Ray Bream , paul Harvey , and Bruce Hershinson . Im back . Joe Pearson .

  5. No longer listen. I miss Dr. Drew and Peter Tilden. Used to listen all day, no longer. Some of the new programs don’t offer both sides of a situation, especially if political. Very one sided shows now and more opinion, than news.

  6. Very Sorry John Phillips is not on in the early morning. A terrific show would be John and Steve Edwards in the morning. Do not miss Jillian. Wish her well but she did not belong on the show-more suited to Entertainment Weekly.

  7. John and Gillian lost me early on when the talk was about how many people she has had slept with, yada yada yada. The new show was the exact opposite. I so missed the wisdom of Doug McIntyre and the cheeriness of Rob Merinko. Today I turned it on for the first time in months and was pleased to hear there a new lineup. I’ll give it a try.

  8. I live in the San Diego area and would tune in only because of Dr. Drew. I kept the station on in the AM only due to John and Jillian’s morning show.You have lost a long time listener with this format. Very sad to see you remove all of the women on your station

    • I too live in San Diego, transplanted from L.A. and I was so happy to be able to receive KABC down here, especially so that I could hear Jillian, John, Peter Tilden and Dr. Drew. I now have no reason to tune to ANY of KABC’s programming unless they program with less syndication and more live, sane, talk show hosts!

  9. This Lineup change was a Big Mistake!
    Dr. Drew was only person that gets the Homeless Problem.
    We’ll eventually will have the Black Plague in California.
    These People Will Not Go Into Shelters!!!
    The guy that made this change is Notorious for Ruining Radio Stations!

  10. I wll miss Jillian, she was very entertaining to me. Her life is interesting, and it was always nice to hear about her kids and what was going on in her life. Wishing you the best Jillian.

  11. I will miss Jillian in the mornings. I found her quite entertaining and she and John were good together. John and Randy will do well and I will listen to them in the afternoons. I greatly miss Dr Drew but definitely not Leeann Tweeden. OMG, she tried so hard to control all the conversation, spoke constantly over Dr Drew and cut him off all the time (which was extremely annoying and rude) and took forever to make her points (hogging the airwaves). I found myself shouting at the radio SHUT THE F* UP LEEANN! Not going to miss her at all. When Ben Shapiro took over for Peter Tilden in the 3pm slot, I wasn’t a fan at first. I thought he sounded like Daffy Duck on speed but he kind of grew on me and I got used to his rapid cadence. Who I won’t listen to at all is Larry O’Connor. He’s so alt right he makes Ben Shapiro sound liberal! All Larry’s shows are based on two things: 1) homelessness, 2) defending Trump on everything. He loves it when people phone in with an opposing view because he can turn their mike down and rant loudly over them and will never let that person make their point. There’s no middle ground with him. I’m a centrist, leaning to the conservative side, but will not listen to his myopic views on all things Trump and defend him no matter what! He just shoves his alt right agenda down our throats and for that reason I will not listen to him at all.

    • Lol, I felt the same way about Peter Tilden but he grew on me as well. His depth of knowledge is undeniable and eventually I was hooked!

  12. New phrases JB can learn to say:

    I love being unemployed in the best job market in US history.
    I can use the the pronoun “I” more times in 10 minutes than Barak Obama.
    I love getting an unemployment check which is “my new favorite thing.”
    I am calling Home Consignment Center to see if I can sell stuff back to them.
    I can’t believe so many listeners wanted serious discussion instead of my trite babble.

  13. Bye Bye Jillian! Got so tired of YOU. Also couldn’t deal with Leeann Tweeden talking over Dr Drew. I could swear he couldn’t stand her at the beginning. I enjoyed Dr Drew, hated Leeann. Happy both Jillian + Leeann are gone. Leroy Terrell deserves his own show! Steve Edwards too.

  14. I’m in LA traffic and the morning show was great. I love John &
    Jillian. Not feeling this new lineup. The attorney that filed in last week was awesome.. he needs a time slot.

  15. I miss Ken and Bob, too. I am listening and likening to Armstrong and Getty. I love Peter Tilden and can’t find him. Glad you’ve kept John Phillips and totally enjoyed Jillian. Any Steve Edwards or Dr. Drew in the future? Where are the women? Millie in Laguna Beach

  16. Listen to Armstrong and Getty for two weeks before you make your judgement. These guys are very good…funny but also insightful and serious about calling out the insanity of leaders and public figures.

    • After listening today, I’m going to have to disagree with you. They were talking about “Skinny necked” Adam Schiff and “Nazy” Pelosi. That Nazi metaphor did not get lost on me. I can’t listen to talk show hosts who are so disrespectful of leaders who, by far and away, are doing so much more for the American public than the current administration is doing!

  17. I listened to Armstrong & Getty for about 15 minutes today to try and give KABC another shot hoping to find a morning radio show. When they told the story of the female customer taking a dump on the floor at Target and hooting and laughing off they went. I’ll keep searching as I won’t be back.

  18. great changes … though a little late to the party, I hope it works. Agree about Jillian, but let’s not forget the smug Mr. Tilden who to me never seemed to have any reason for being on the air . Armstrong and Getty are good morning men ….sometimes a little wishy washy , but most of the time are entertaining and humourous and have been doing well on the West Coast already

  19. I’m thrilled that John Phillips will have his own show! Tried of uninformed Jillian over talking everyone and constantly talking about herself and who she knows. SO boring. I pray for her healing but she doesn’t belong on the radio. The new entire line up will keep me on KABC all day and evening!

  20. Finally!

    Listening to Barberie was like hearing an empty pail roll down a flight of stairs.

    I admire her fight with cancer, but enough of her lack of knowledge.

  21. I understand that Michael Savage is replacing Peter Tilden in the evening. Glad that an LA radio station finally has the good sense to carry Savage!

  22. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one tired of Jillian!!! Always talking over everyone, no clue about anything, bragging about who she knows, ugh!!! I turned them off all the time and when John was gone, forget it! Good luck to Randy and John!!!!! Jillian maybe go to ET or TMZ….

    • Sorry about her battle with breast cancer but Jillian is an airhead. John would usually let her babble on and finish a rant and then would pull the rug out from under her and present the facts. I stopped listening to that show years ago because of her stupidity, lack of common sense and reality.

      • I also escaped the show a year ago due to the rug being pulled it from me from Jillian derailing a good subject, and turning it into ludicrous self serving grandiosity
        John will be way better without her

  23. I was so over Jillian constantly interrupting guests and than talking for half the segment!!!! Why bring them on? It was so annoying. Good luck to her but I’m ready for something new.

  24. Finally! I got so tired of listening to Jillian’s “contribution” to a conversation with a guest who called in with her constant “mmmm hmmmm” or “interesting.” She was the most ill-informed talk show host I’ve ever listened to (unless the topic was Hollywood-related). I’m sure she is a very nice person but hearing her constantly referring to her medical situation got old. To hear her, you’d think she’s the only one that ever had cancer or had a mastectomy. I can’t wait to tune into Larry and John. They will totally destroy anything KNX or KFI has to offer during that time slot.

  25. Jillian seems like a perfectly nice person, but to do this job you have to be informed.
    there are producers to help. She was/is not good because of this. Unless she can devote 4 hrs a day to reading up, this is not for her.
    Dr Drew and Leann got caught up talking about homeless, not entertaining.
    If I owned the station, I have no idea of what I would do. Medved?
    Radio is almost perfectly dead to me, a couple shows here and there and the Bluetooth Spotify. Out.

  26. Thank God! I absolutely love listening to John Phillips, but have turned him off because of J.B. So tired of hearing about her kids, ex-husbands and Canada. Good riddance, Aye!


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