Radio Keeps Us Connected


    Those are the words of iHeart CEO Bob Pittman in a very positive report on the car radio from CBS TV. Radio Historian Donna Halper is also in the story and says, “When I was sitting in the car listening to those songs, it was the DJ that really spoke to me.” The report also checks in with Cousin Brucie, now 83 years old, who’s been on radio for over 50 years.


    1. I’ll have to check out that report because what was said is all true. And, NOT just of “classic” DJ’s like Cousin Brucie who have had long and successful careers. (Though a lot of older jocks will try and make that case).

      If you work for a “heritage” radio station, you have a heritage in that market. And heritage counts. At least one company would disagree with that, (They own 2 heritage stations in our market), but they don’t know what they’re talking about. Why? I helped program one of their stations under a previous owner, and heritage sure worked for us.

      The heritage stations I work for now have had loyal listeners going back three decades or more. We speak to and interact with them on air, online, on a free station app as well as in person at remotes and appearances. They aren’t just “listeners”, they are “friends”…or “kimosabe’s” as another “heritage” jock called them.


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