Shapiro Show Gets Bigger


Westwood One launched The Ben Shapiro Show LIVE on Monday, January 7, along with the partner podcast component. It can now be heard on more than 150 stations nationwide, including eight of the top 10 markets. The live radio show, now airing for two hours, from 4-6 p.m. ET, will forego nationally recorded ads in breaks and restrict advertising opportunities to a limited number of powerful live reads like the ones heard in Shapiro’s daily podcast. The two-hour live radio show is preceded by Shapiro’s one-hour podcast broadcast, which airs at 3 p.m. ET. Stations have the option to take the one-hour podcast broadcast, the two-hour live show, or the three-hour combination.

“I couldn’t be more honored and excited to bring two more hours of live content to Westwood One affiliates across the country,” said Shapiro. “We are bringing more hard-hitting, fast-talking commentary, plus new top-of-the-line guests — and we’re covering politics and pop culture in more depth and breadth than anywhere else. Thanks so much to Westwood One for allowing me the opportunity to expand the Ben Shapiro Show footprint.”


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