Five New Podcasts From Silverfish


Silverfish Media and Compass Media are collaborating on five new podcasts, including a podcast from country artist Tracy Lawrence called The Honky Tonkin.

Tracy Lawrence, who hosts a weekly radio show produced by Silverfish and syndicated by Compass, will create podcast versions of his interviews with fellow country artists. The Interviews podcast will be uploaded about once a month.

Silverfish Media President Patrick Thomas will host one of the podcasts, Five Whiskey Patrick, which will focus on interviews and conversations with people he finds interesting.

Silverfish Media Director of Programming Carsen Humphreville will host Stop Following Me featuring longtime friend and former radio personality Tracy Wilde.

In addition, the companies are also starting two podcasts with casts who are entirely new to the Silverfish/Compass family. Projectile Dysfunction will feature Discover Channel host Zeke Stout and comedian and personality Vanessa Boyer. The duo will talk about guns, hunting, and anything else they find interesting while interviewing a wide range of guests.

Calm Down! We Are Just Talking To You! is hosted by former Urban radio personality Paul Douglas and his friends Kina, CT, and Marcus.

For more information, please email [email protected]


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