Westwood, XAPPmedia Announce Partnership


At an Advertising Week panel in New York City, Monday, Cumulus Media’s Suzanne Grimes announced that Westwood One and XAPPmedia are launching a new program to help national brands enter the voice-enabled ecosystem.

The goal of the partnership is to help brand marketers enter, build, test, and learn in the voice-technology space with voice experiences that deliver conversational audio engagement, consumer interaction, and a call to action.

Working with national brands and agencies, Westwood One will collaborate on content, build and distribute the voice app, provide launch and ongoing promotional support, and track and optimize results. XAPPmedia will leverage their technology and voice design experience, as well as support post-launch monitoring and management.

Grimes said, “Emerging audio platforms are among the greatest opportunities for brands and publishers to engage with consumers. Voice will be the easiest way to directly reach and interact with consumers — and it will be on their terms. It’s important to understand how this new marketplace dynamic redefines commerce and advertising strategy. Now is the time to build a sound strategy, and we have the experience, tools, and audience to help brands achieve success.”


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