FCC Getting In On The Podcast Craze


The Federal Communications Commission has launched More Than Seven Dirty Words, a new podcast series that will feature interviews with FCC officials and staff and others in the communications space to share untold stories, explain important policy issues, and maybe even do the impossible: make telecom interesting. Hosted by FCC policy advisor Evan Swarztrauber, guests will share their personal stories behind some of the headline-making news from the Commission and break down issues across the spectrum of the FCC.

“One of the wonderful things about the digital age is the many ways to share information, so we’re excited to launch this new FCC podcast,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “What really has struck me during my time at the agency is the dedication that our staff has for the mission of the FCC, and I’m glad we’re able to shine a light on their efforts to make America a better, stronger place.”

Each episode will be available for streaming and download at fcc.gov, as well as on iTunes and Google Play. The introduction and the first episode are available for download at www.fcc.gov/podcast now and will be available elsewhere in the coming days.


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