Is It Live Or AI?


On Thursday, iHeartMedia launced a new technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that provides an optimized digital music listening experience for listeners. The company says the new AI capabilities will create a listening experience that mimics live radio. AI will eliminate the space between songs for iHeartRadio listeners.

Here are the enhancements iHeart says listeners will now notice:

Perfect Transitions: Dynamically creates the perfect transition between songs every single time. Whether picking the ideal crossfade or recognizing when to simply place the right ending next to the beginning of the subsequent track, this next-generation solution uses real-time AI-processing to create the ideal transition every time a song plays. The result is a smooth tapestry of music listening, crafted to deliver an optimum experience for all listeners.

Sonic Leveling: Automatically adjusts song volume to create smooth and consistent listening sessions. Not all tracks are created equal — some are louder or softer than others.   Sonic leveling capabilities eliminate the need to adjust the volume every time a new song comes on. The tech automatically recognizes the volume differential and adjusts it, allowing listeners to just sit back and enjoy their favorite tracks.

Gapless Playback: Eliminates the gaps between music tracks. On average, there are currently eight seconds of silence between songs on all streaming services that interrupts the music listening experience. The new AI technology, now deployed on iHeartRadio, automatically and completely eliminates the silence, bringing the listening experience in line with live radio.


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