Schnitt Out at WOR New York


iHeart Media confirms that Todd Schnitt is no longer with WOR-AM in New York. After nearly three years, Schnitt could not work out a new contract with WOR. The station thanked Schnitt for his contributions and wished him the best. A search is underway for a new co-host to join Len Berman. Until then, longtime WOR news anchor Joe Bartlett and other guest hosts will sit in. Schnitt’s syndicated afternoon program with Compass Media is not affected by this change.


  1. Len is a condescending no nothing. His passive aggressive shtick is obvious. It deflects argument that over his head. He’s a light weight.

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  3. Yeah I agree with the Len Berman Criticisms….He just a Reporter he has no insight into anything..And what’s worse is that he tries to be this energetic glib intellect and yeah he’s just a boring bag of nothing….

    • I’m glad Bartlett is gone. In my mind a newscaster should not be voicing strong opinions on the news stories, political or otherwise. In recent times Baetlett tried to be both a newscaster snd a conservative commentator- not good. I’ll be listening to hear if Noem Laden does the same, albeit from a progrssive stance. A persons bias cannot be completely avoided but ir should be minimal.

  4. So now Joe Bartlett is gone..replaced with Noem Layden.. Noem is further left than Bermin but at least with Bermin you know his opinion is not balanced nor is he a NEWS CASTER. Used to listen to Imus..then it got too political with Noem, found Bermin and Schnitt, then they fired him schnitt. Reidel is OK but he’s conservative light. But at least Joe could point our valid facts in the news.. Now Noem will be the lefts Joe.. well I am through with WOR…Iheart has killed it.

    • I’m glad Bartlett is gone. In my mind a newscaster should not be voicing strong opinions on the news stories, political or otherwise. In recent times Baetlett tried to be both a newscaster snd a conservative commentator- not good. I’ll be listening to hear if Noem Laden does the same, albeit from a progrssive stance. A persons bias cannot be completely avoided but ir should be minimal.

  5. I DO NOT LISTEN TO LEN BURMAN in the morning since TODD SNITT “left”. BURMANN is so pro-Obama and Hillary that It makes me PUKE ! ! ! Todd was GREAT ! ! ! Now the morning show is all leftist and COMMUNIST Leaning. Burmann was TV indoctrinated and doesn’t click with AMERICA. I can’t stand his VOICE. I would rather hear the Gamblings. How STUPID CAN YOU GET ? Get rid of Communist Fucking Berman and bring back SNITT ! ! !

  6. I am sad that I now no longer can listen to Wor710 in the morning with Len Berman. It now gets thrown on the pile of junk along with ABC , CBS, NBC. I have to wait until Mark Simone comes on. Disgraceful that it joins the Fake news Trump bashing shows.

  7. How can people listen to this knuckle-dragger? I’m a conservative but the guy makes me want to barf. He’s a big blow-hard, always bragging about his stuff, overstating the obvious, and making “predictions” that aren’t predictions at all and that a thousand other people already pointed out, and he tries to bait people through the longer than usual commercial breaks with teasers that turn out to be ridiculously lame. His commercial breaks have about 5 minutes plus of music IN ADDITION to the already long enough commercial time, which oddly enough might be one of the few GOOD things because there’s less of his disgusting Blow-hard, cluelessness.

    The best part of a Schnitt show is when there’s a substitute host, who is ALWAYS better than him by leaps and bounds. Which reminds me, in the most CORNY and low-end way, he always calls into his own show!!!!! How TACKY can you get!!!!

    • You are too kind. This guy is not only a blowhard but a full out rude bigmouth ahole with no signficant connections who insults and talks over his smarter callers and then hangs up on them when their point is valid. Insufferable jerk AND a RHINO masquerading as a conservative. Anyone who listens hears that 90 percent of his show is negative Trump bashing with n’er a mention of administration accomplishments — all couched with his snarky false promise he really really really is a conservative. Yeah Todd you’re full of bull schnitt.

  8. WOR has been a train wreck since it was acquired by iheart (icrap) in 2012….
    What an incredible station Buckley Broadcasting ran up until about 2006 when ad revenue began to totally collapse and the station started using syndicated national crap shows instead of their own talent…

  9. Even he was not to Classi, he was very sincere host. In NY, has to many weird media hosts that are very cynical, mediocere and the most important very antipathyc. I hate some of the most unstable, shakes host that have no concise, correctness and sincerity in their performance, like this Len.
    I think, this is the NY City, NY State very Exentric Mentality.
    I,m sorry Todd.

  10. I’m so glad Schnitt is gone. His arrogance and crudeness were disgusting. It was impossible to have children around when he was on the air. Listening to him just agitated me so much that it set the day off on a bad note. He was vulgar and certainly had no class. Good riddance!

    • In deed, he’s very arrogant, but his mental capacity tripled Len’s. Todd retrieved decades old stuff without googling, which was a running joke with Len. Len filled in the dead air gaps, like background noise. For morning radio programming for kids I suggest Star 99.1. I used to listen on my headphones. I tune in to other stations until 10:00a when Mark Simone comes on.

  11. Still miss Todd in the morning show. I have tried to adapt to Len but he takes on the liberal voice, can be a bully (aka the meteorologist is the target frequently this winter) and is boring. Joe is the only constant. Todd was a spitfire that made the morning interesting. He should have been paired up with someone other than Len.
    Len only finds his niche when he’s talking sports otherwise he’s unoriginal.

      • It’s not just that he has a liberal view as I like to hear both sides. Len’s problem is he comes across as so sanctimonious. He turns my stomach.

    • Yeah Agreed regarding Len…There’s nothing intellectually interesting be has to say. . Tries to make up for that being glib and challenging But it’s falls flatter than a pancake

    • I concur with Sue. I am glad he is gone. Another right wing nut case. Best news I have heard in awhile. Now, let’s get rid of the loser in the W.H. !!!!

      • I don’t like the junk you libs are into at all, but on this ONE issue I agree with you! Schnitt is a MORON. If it’s any consolation, I think he is a closet liberal anyway. The darn guy is as big a blow-hard knuckle-dragger as they come and he gives conservatives a bad name.

        Trump however is 100% AWESOME!!!

    • It is Bermann who should have left. I, and many people i know have not listened since Schnitt left. I AM SURE THEIR RATINGS HAS DROPPED big time SINCE THE WHINY LIBERAL BERMAN !!!

      • Bermann sucks and is a tool for the left period! When he asked Todd if he thought Hillary would win he said in a smooching voice Wow! Give me a break and can Len the idiot!!!!

  12. shame on wor radio for not working with tod…after all he was the show not len…another one bites the dust…I had switch from wabc in the morning to wor…lots of laughs…you guys lost a listener…

    • I just catch the podcasts. Todd’s syncidated show broadcasts online. I’m listening to it as I type. He’s alone in his show. Len frustrated the heck out of me making so much noise and interrupting Todd’s train of thought. Todd and Len were not a match. Todd is galaxies ahead of Len intellectually. I was impressed with all the crap he recalled in the context of the conversation, while Len was googling all the time.

  13. GOODBYE 710-WOR, you just lost a loyal listener. Do you really think Len Berman who spent his career in NON-REALITY(sports) can host a show? He is a thick headed illogical, fact denying liberal 100%. Without balance(Todd) you will lose listeners AND
    Just watch your revenue tank, your advertising revenue will get the “schnitt kicked out of it” .

    You saved 250,000.00 not renewing with Todd, but you’ll lose 4 million in ad revenue.

    Best wishes Todd and farewell to someone who cares about & respects our country

  14. Neither my mom or I can even listen anymore. Todd is irreplaceable & was a necessary natural balance while super entertaining for the show. Shame WOR couldn’t work out a contract with him. Quite disgusting. The show will lose two steady listeners here.

  15. So sad to lose Todd. They were such a great combo, especially for conservatives in NYC. It was the perfect balance, to hear both sides and to encourage independent thinking. Was absolutely refreshingly unique to NYC. I guess I’m giving up on political talk radio in NY. Only liberal left.

  16. I enjoyed Todd for awhile, could not take len, he should just stick to sports. I gave up on the show about 3 months ago, I listen to 970am Joe piscipo now . Great show!!!

  17. oh poor Len… He didnt seem like he knew what he was getting into with political talk in radio. He is like most NYer’s that do not pay attention to politics and act so suprised when they hear the arguments or hear about bias in the news… Partialy because they live in a bubble in Lens case. He really has no clue how we have gotten this political place… As far as Todd goes….He is way too full of himself and a know it all… It could have been better

  18. There was a lot of animosity between Len and Todd – Len is an a-hole and couldn’t hold himself back from dissing Todd. I stopped listening because Len is such a dumb loser. He’s like Alan Colmes except nasty.

  19. The best day of the show was when uber-liberal Berman had to choke on Trump beating Hillary ‘s sorry ass!!!
    Greatest day in American political history!
    Will miss Todd. Len will drive ratings through the floor.

  20. Schnitt was always in ‘your’ face – he made all the other conservative radio guys mild – he was a little too much – too much believing in his own hype –

    They do need an opposite to Len – but right now what they are doing with all the co-hosts – suggest they do a poll.

    Glad to see Schnitt gone had to turn the radio of with ll his yelling and screaming. He reminded me of that character in loony toons yosemity sam

  21. Len is not too bright, arrogant, boring and fully accepts the liberal, PC, culture of victimization crap so in favor with the left. I will never listen to a show headed by the likes of Len Berman. He’s a loser and so is WOR for letting Todd go. I will gladly switch to Imus and Piscapo!

  22. Todd Schnitt was so averageeee – the show had fallen to a very low level with him. The show never discussed anything of consequence. Even though I really agree with Mark Simone, it’s a class show and he is an intelligent guy. How did you ever replace Gambiing with Schnitt- Please someone of quality in the future.

  23. love micheal reidel. he can carry any show. todd was the most obnoxious and i had stopped listening turned to 970. micheal reidel bestin morning when laughter is needed to start the day, not screaming rants of moronic todd.

  24. Todd is a buffoon. He rants and rambles most of the times. I actually thought of him as a very very old man. He talks for the sake of talking and never had an opinion.
    I’ll say..GOOD RIDDANCE
    What about : Len and Natalie?
    Two smart people with their own take on certain issues…
    That surely would make my everyday one hour morning drive less stressful.

  25. Hated Len when he did sports, gave up on NBC news. He was a disaster at the FAN and only listened in the morning because of Todd. Good news I found 970 and Joe Piscapo who offers something different but for the most part I listen to Pandora.

    • Let’s call it like it is. WOR now is dead (at least for most of the listeners that had returned to WOR over the past 3 years). The WOR morning shows were great when you had John Gabbling and then not so much after he retired. Then came Todd – like a breath of fresh air and truth in the PC toxic media of NY/NJ. People started listening again. I was happy to have an alternative to the Imus show which is only worth listening to due to Charles McCord.
      Todd brought LIFE, giggles and astute insights to all who heard him and discomfort to your diminishing number of liberal listeners. He brought undecided and conservatives to WOR again. But WOR liberal management and Hillary & Obama lovers like Lenn couldn’t handle the cold hard facts. Just like they couldn’t believe that Trump won. The PC police is back and I and many, many more like me are out! RIP WOR – as Mr. Wonderful says “You are Dead to me” – Bye Phelicia (aka Lenn).

  26. We need a working blue collar Co host. Most Everybody on radio and TV are making six figures or millions of dollars. And telling you how you should work harder. Which most people do. Whole they make there millions

  27. Todd was a snake oil salesman. Just like n.j. said he teased and dragged stories out to drag you through their million commercials.
    He was mainly a commercial salesman

  28. What a mistake to let Todd go. It was a great show. The two hosts had amazing chemistry. It was an entertaining, informative and all ’round great show to listen to. I will miss them. Whatever Todd’s demands -WOR should have met them.

    • I disagree, can’t imagine what his demands were to have uprooted his family to come here….think he-and they- just wanted to go back to .Florida.

  29. Len is too much of a pussy to listen to. I have been listening to Todd since 1994 in Tampa I’ve grown up listening to him and will continue to listen to him. I listen to him on iHeartRadio every day love and in play bay on the world according to Schnidt . Any ways Len will be off the air soon cause there is no way he could manage to do it by himself.

  30. I don’t get why it was Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the morning Schnitt was the backbone of that show Len Berman sucks he’s boring had no respect for Trump I’m done with wor and I live in Texas thank goodness for the Schnitt Show on whnz out of Tampa on iHeart go Todd!

    • I don’t get why it was Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the morning Schnitt was the backbone of that show Len Berman sucks he’s boring had no respect for Trump I’m done with wor and I live in Texas thank goodness for the Schnitt Show on whnz out of Tampa on iHeart go Todd! Poor Natalie I feel sorry for her.

  31. Joe Bartlett has been on WOR for many, many years. He is the most experienced and very good natured. He is a real team player. I don’t understand why WOR does not make him the regular morning show anchor. He surely deserves it after all these years. He should not be 2nd banana all the time. It should be Joe Bartlett and….
    Todd S. was too raunchy for my taste. I did not like his dirty remarks. Some things are better left unsaid. I will not miss him. Len is too boring. He is a sports guy. I can’t stand sports. You already have a sports guy. Enough is enough!

  32. There’s no one for me on morning radio. If only Howard wasn’t such of a dirty old man. His long-form interviews are great and I love when he comments on the news. But the pervy stuff makes me turn it off.

  33. BIG MISTAKE!! Len is boring and so PC you gag on it!! Will be switching to IMUS 770 . This show just went to hell. We don’t need another overly Liberal talk show. #FAKENEWS

    • I don’t know why Don Imus is still on the radio
      ” the guy has this deep, whiskey-throated voice and mumbled his words. I could barely understand him. Second, his whole schtick seemed to be based on berating other people with foul language.”
      I second that wholeheartedly!
      If this is your cup of tea… by all means, ENJOY.
      A morning drive nightmare would be a “Don Imus and Todd Schnitt morning radio show.

  34. Big mistake letting go of Todd as the show now is liberal drivel. Plus, Todd was prepared and Len is not. Little things like being unable to pronounce a name (Robert Guillaume – case in point) or mis-identifying characters (Rafiki was NOT the evil lion in The Lion King) make me crazy. Will no longer be listening.

  35. Len Berman isn’t ready to be a host by himself. I am listening to your station until Doug McIntyer’s show comes on at 8. Right now, as I am listening to Joe and Mike, I am laughing. They’re totally scattered. They can’t focus on one topic long enough to make the program interesting. Yes, their target audience is driving to work. BUT it doesn’t take five minutes to get to work! They’ve been discussing at least five serious topics every five minutes. Taxes, bike lane, Hillary, and whatever-all within a minute or two. It’s mind boggling! Maybe Todd was full of himself, but he was a true host. He did his homework. He had background info the Len reads from Google, while he’s on the air.

  36. Miss Todd!!! Know Len’s response before he comments (usual PC/liberal talk). As longtime WOR listener did continue to listen but by this week that was it for me. Between Len and the guest co-host had to make the switch to Piscopo.

  37. I believe they had a good show, although it was getting a bit too much. I do agree that Todd is full of himself. Len is too passive and needs to step up. I agree with whomever said Hillary and Len would make a great team.

  38. Good luck Todd. You will be missed. Len is way too left wing for me. He always blindly bashes Mr. Trump. Len should have a bit more respect for the office of our president. He obviously has drank too much Liberal Kool-Aid. For left wing Liberals like Len it is innate to try to put down Republican/Conservative views without even thinking about it. I tried to listen to the show 3 times so far… can do. See ya WOR.

  39. It’s really hard listening to the morning show without Todd, Len seems nice but just doesn’t have it. Todd always seemed to be prepared, and always brought humor to the show. WOR, has lost me in the 6 to 9 slot

  40. I’m glad he’s gone. He’s intelligent but a big whiner. It was get vicious between Len and him. I enjoy Len and think Joe has class. I listen to Joe in Saturday morning. I’m enjoying Michael Reidel as a guest host.
    Hope the station will find a good fit for the morning slot.

  41. Listened to Todd every morning,for a town this size we really have no good radio getting Sirus ASAP. Len is much to liberal for my taste, Todd has conviction and yes Mr Trump will be there for 8 years TK G-d for this country.

  42. Todd was unlistenable. Always inserted himself into the news stories. Len and Joe are good. Hillarie Barsky has my vote. Nice to be able to listen to WOR again on my way to work. Glad that other idiot Carton is also gone from the radio.

  43. I thought Todd was the man with radio experience. Len is just a hack who occasionally chimes in with his far left opposition. I never listened to the show when Todd was on vacation and I never will now that he’s gone. I thought the show should have been Todd and Joe.

    • I feel the same. Len is so boring and not that bright. Really! He doesn’t know anything! He is way too politically correct and doesn’t even understand why. He has no back bone. Todd at least brought something humorous and questioned Len. I can’t listen anymore. It seemed that Len is so happy Todd is gone so he could just get away with saying anything about anything.
      So dull! UGH! Oh well bye!

  44. WOR sold out long ago replacing almost all shows with poorly disguised infomercials. Couldn’t stand Schmidt & with Len & Todd talking over each other I could barely understand what they said. Imus is done. I much prefer NPR as between the AM & FM stations they have interesting, COMMERCIAL FREE shows, stories. Give it a try, not everything great but none of those repetitive commercials especially that junk removal one with the woman laughing insanely at the end. Ugh, goobye WOR! Simone & the Grommet travel show about the only entertainment left.

    • Of course you couldn’t stand “Schmidt”,LOL. Get the name right, woman. No surprise you didn’t like him since you are a far left liberal.

  45. Big Mistake letting Todd go ! WOR will loose a lot of listeners. He was a great asset to the morning radio.
    Many people i speak to will NOT listen to just Len B. he is just too left for the real american working people.
    Len is just like speaking to DeBlazio , far out of realty. Good bye WOR

  46. Todd Will be Missed …New York AM radio needed a guy like this to keep the Liberals at bay.
    He spoke the the truth and it is a GREAT loss to the NY media. Not enough guys like him around.

    • LIBERAL = open to new opinions
      Liberal: Latin word “liber” (free), which is also the root of liberty (“the state of being free”)
      Two years of Liberal Arts as an undergraduate, have helped cultivate my general intellectual capacities, which enabled my route to intellectual wellness.
      Answer me this:
      Why do you think the so called ” liberals ” need so much to be kept at bay?

      • Liberals are no longer classical liberals. I am one of the last liberals. The modern “liberal” is a neo-progressive, which is a fascist in the classical definition – someone with a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control. Typically this is accomplished by an overarching centralized government to oppress the people with it’s singular thought, or as the great American philisopher Eric Hoffer once said: The intellectual (i.e. fascist liberal) longs to turn the entire world into a classroom to teach it how to think and act. … It’s little wonder that someone with a handful of years in a modern liberal arts institution has been convinced that s/he has been enlightened. This is a hallmark of the modern liberal fascist, who believes s/he is the smartest person in the room. So you, as a youngest without much world experience, do not even understand how little you really know, but if you stay on the path of being truly open-minded–not the neo-progressive path of anything goes which results in the anarchical state we see now–you might learn something.

        • Christopher, that was awesome. Ianfangate never thought anyone would actually answer him. Terms sometimes have more than one meaning. The political meaning of ‘liberal’ is vastly different than it’s use in the phrase ‘liberal arts.’ LOL Unless you’re attending Hillary U, that is.

  47. Soon after Todd arrived WOR lost my husband and i as listeners. He always acted like he was a potty mouthed young teenager. Good riddance to him and his nasty comments. Will be happy to listen to Joe and Len.

    • Don’t know what you were listening to, but obviously not the one I tuned into every morning. Len is too liberal for me. I still listen occasionally but cannot stand his Trump bashing and Hillary worship. Len doesn’t have a clue.

  48. Is the real reason WOR let Todd go was because Todd called Len a son of a bitch on the previous show. Todd claimed that Len called him a racist. Absolutely not true. It was Todd being his obnoxious self. Always, totally self absorbed, know everybody, been everywhere, done everything, braggadocio self.
    Goodbye to a total boor. If Hillarie Barsky is available, WOR should grab her. An entertaining personality that would work well with Len.

    By the way Lens contract probably expires the same time as Todd’s did. Why doesn’t WOR own up to the real reason behind Todd’s absence.

    • I heard Len call him a racist. Were you listening? Barsky too liberal also. They better find someone with a personality soon, or the show is dead. They didn’t want to pay him what he was demanding, and honestly I think he really wanted out of there. He lasted almost three years, with Len constantly instigating arguments, surprised it lasted that long!! I would NEVER live in NY.

    • Dude, the majority of TV news is liberal fascism marching in lock step–you know, the self-annointed “intelligent” people.

    • Oh, you sound like a rational person. That is ignorant of you to call conservatives “right wing buffoons”. You are a first class jackass.

  49. I used to think the banter between Tod and Len was good natured. BIt lately, it seemed viscous . I’ve been a WOR listener since 1964 when I started teaching in NYC. And the station has been my morning companion ever since. (Except when you had a strange announcer for several months and I turned the station off. ) But you brought interesting viewpoints, sometimes blue collar male viewpoints, and I enjoyed it. Joe did a good job when he helmed the show for a while. Tod was egotistical and self centered…a bit strange…but I appreciated the give and take as liked Joe and Len. I still miss John Gambling. I may finally switch to NPR stations. Boo hoo. I don’t like change.

    • Mary from CT again. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a viscous argument between Len and Tod. And didn’t one of them challenge the audience to call and say who they liked better. I thought it was hype. But i think they really couldn’t stand each other. I’d never heard anything like it. Now I understand.

        • Anne, there were no days being numbered. It had become the highest rated morning show in the NYC area. The problem was that the station didn’t want to pay both hosts what they were worth. Todd has another gig and reserved the right to flip off the offer, and so he did. Len is past retirement and has no other options, and so he stayed. That’s what really happened.

      • It was always very obvious to me that Len detested Todd. I give him credit for sticking in there for almost three years. I know Todd really wanted to be back in Florida. If he could have done the show from Florida, that might have been an option. I wouldn’t have been able to be in the same room with Len, much less work with him for 4 hours a day. Todd will be missed. It seems like he left on bad terms. His name isn’t even mentioned anymore.

  50. Couldn’t agree more with those who are happy he’s GONE. What a relief. !! He may be bright, but way too full of himself
    Now I will listen without feeling the need to change the station every few minutes. The show had deteriorated due to his potty mouth and inane segments and the annoyingly forced laughter from his ‘ gofer, ‘ Natalie.

    There must be a conservative cohost out there who can banter with Len and keep us engaged and laughing without dragging the dignity of WOR into the gutter as he did. Good riddance!

  51. What a relief to come back from a brief visit to Denver and find no more Todd Schnitt. While I agree with Todd’s politics it was exhausting to listen to his sophmoric locker room style and the spats betwee him and Len. They were certainly not meant to work together and it was too harsh to listen to while having my coffee at 7:30 in the morning. There must be boatloads of candidates for this job but please spare us another Syracuse graduate and also skip anyone who talks (read “brags”) incessantly about himself and his family.

    • Jeanne-
      Politically speaking, I agreed more w/ Todd but could’nt stand the guy.
      Especially hated his gross stories he always brought up while people were trying to eat breakfast.
      Additionally, sometimes I had to turn the station off if my kids were in the room b/c Shnitt had brought up some really raunchy story/subject.
      Len may be a lib but at least he’s a gentleman. One of the last remaining it seams.
      Would be nice to have Hillary Barskie back; she & Len would be good together.

  52. I’m sorry but the show is a little boring without Todd– I listened from day one and I’m sorry to say for my 30 minute ride in the morning I’m listening to a different station –if Todd goes to a new morning station I’ll be listening to that – Len is nice but a little boring

  53. There is no show without Todd Schnitt. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge. Len Berman is just a lefty lap dog. Why is it that all good things about a show are discarded and all that’s left is the garbage? You just lost another listener.

  54. WOR 910 made a big mistake by not negotiating a deal to keep Todd. Truly disappointing.
    I tried giving Len a chance but it just doesn’t work without Todd.

    They have lost a loyal listener, one of many I’m sure.

    Hopefully Todd gets another morning deal soon. Drives to work aren’t the same.

  55. Listened to the show for only a little bit. Not a fan of Todd, but his views reflect what is ongoing in this country today. Conservative talk rules, could never understand why. Politics today is nothing more than self serving rhetoric from both parties and constant meaningless sloganeering. The art of compromise is long gone from politics. Republicans and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.
    Len was a really good sportscaster, yes he is the liberal on the show, but they never really clicked in my opinion.
    Todd has his other show, so his fans will not miss him. Radio today is not worth listening to. Maybe WOR should pry away Curtis Sliwa from WABC.

  56. Todd was the show. Len is not a good host for a radio show. I will not listen to the morning show. It is now uninteresting and Len is very disrespectful of people and our President. I understand he doesn’t like him but he always is against Republicans and the President this seems to clue his view even if he is wrong.

  57. You could see this one coming for a while. Todd was the catalyst for the show and really knows radio while Len seemed to chime in as the opposite view, oten to a fault. I don’t see Len being able to carry any show by himself with him being out of the business for such a long time and his real forte was/is sports. The only time he was in his element was when he did the sports updates. I guess it’s back to ABC for the morning.

  58. Such a disappointment to have Todd gone! He really made the show. Len’s a nice guy but I preferred Todd’s conservative views more. However, I loved the banter between Len and Todd. I could tell that Len learned a lot from Todd about the radio business but it will be a big job for him to carry the whole show by himself. I really think WOR made a big mistake letting Todd leave.

  59. Whew. I hope he was fired for his constant barrage of idiotic low-class comments. I could not stand him. His humor was that of a 12 year old boy. Any story or comment that in any way could be stretched into an inane sexual “joke”, he had it covered. I listened for quite a while waiting for Len or Joe to explode at his crudeness and crassness, but they apparently had to ignore their upbringing, education and inner spiritual core to keeo their jobs. It got to the point where I would cringe just hearing his voice or his name in commercials while listening to other WOR programs. I Can’t believe He Was On The air For 3 Years. Smug. Obnoxious. Sexist. Juvenile. Abrasive. Narcissistic. Boring and predictable. His redeeming qualities which gave him the self delusion of being intellectually superior – an excellent memory. That appeared to be his only positive quality. How and Ken must have really celebrated. They no longer have to pretend to find him amusing. I’m back to listening to WOR in the morning. Please don’t hire another crude and obnoxious host. Please. Todd would be a perfect MC in an 8th avenue strip club.

    • Boy, I don’t know who you were listening to, but it wasn’t Todd Schnitt. I think you were listening to a different show!

      • Paula Kent didn’t agree with his opinions, so it’s off the racist, sexist, blah, blah, blah. Just look at history and the news. It was always the southern dixicrat democrats who were the racists, and it’s the overwhelming majority of liberal fascists who are sexists and downright pervs.

    • Totally agree with you. Todd brought the show to a lower level than necessary. And once he started adding ‘sound effects’, the show took on a ‘morning zoo’ feel. It suddenly felt like it was catering to 14 year old boys. Glad he’s gone.

  60. Sorry to hear that Tod Schnitt left the show. I loved listening to Tod and Len as a team. i liked the banter and Tod was full of information and pretty on top of things. loved them together . time to find a new morning show. there really isn’t many good ones out there. i was happy with WOR. So disappointed. i will miss Tod.
    i will listen to him in the afternoon.

  61. I’m not here to tear apart Len
    They were a good team wrather they got along or not on there they were good together.
    It’s time for me to find a new station. As for getting a new cohost WOR contact me.

  62. Todd was pathetic and lame.
    It was sad to hear Len act his lapdog. Good riddance!!
    Now it’s time for that hyenna laughing Bartlett to walk the plank!!

  63. While I usually agreed with is political views, I just found him to be too abrasive and arrogant. Guess I am still used to John Gambling. I always like Len and Joe and will continue to listen

  64. Schnitt will be missed! He was the only reason I listened to WOR in the mornings, all the way in N.C.! I do enjoy Mark Simone, but doubt I will continue listening in the AM. Ya’ll made a mistake by letting him go.


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