ABC Radio & Spotify Collaborating On “Brilliant Minds”


That’s the new podcast named after the annual thought leadership symposium led by Natalia Brzezinski, focusing on the relationship between humanity and technology. Brzezinski serves as the CEO of Symposium Stockholm, and she will be joined by Rebecca Jarvis, ABC News Chief Business, Technology and Economics Correspondent and host of the No Limits podcast, as they co-host a special series of eight Brilliant Minds podcasts, featuring interviews with speakers including Usher, Rashida Jones, and Chris Sacca. The first episode of the special series will be available June 8 on Spotify.

Steve Jones, Vice President ABC Radio, said, “ABC News is America’s number one news source and Spotify is the global leader in digital audio distribution. We’re excited that ABC News will now help to inform, inspire, and empower Spotify users to better understand their world and improve the future.”

“Spotify listeners’ thirst for information, engaging conversations, and critical thinking make Brilliant Minds and ABC News welcome editions to our platform,” said Tom Calderone, VP Spotify Studios.

Spotify will now distribute ABC Radio podcasts on their platform.


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