Beasley Releases New Era Of Text Graphics


Legendary Motor City Rock Station 101.1 WRIF “The Riff” is the first radio station to take advantage of Apple’s new iOS stickers, with the release of the Dave & Chuck WRIF iPhone sticker pack,  provided by jacapps.

Apple’s introduction of custom stickers to iPhone messages means WRIF listeners may begin to enjoy a selection of clever, whimsical images in their text messages. Listeners may download the Dave & Chuck WRIF sticker pack from a special section of the AppStore. Once installed, they can drag and drop the “stickers” into their text conversations. You can see how it works in this video:

“WRIF has always been on the leading edge of technology,” said Beasley Detroit Market Manager Mac Edwards. “The Riff was the first radio station in Detroit to stream online, and it currently has the largest digital footprint of any radio station in the Midwest. So, when Dave & Chuck said they wanted their huge fan base to be able to use this technology to share images, catch phrases, and memes, we were proud to make their wishes come true.”


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