New Podcast Looks At Marketing And Culture


The bi-weekly podcast will be hosted by Y&R’s Global CEO David Sable. Called Madison & Culture, it will look at the ways marketing and advertising both reflect and shape our culture. Launching May 16, new episodes will be released twice a month. Produced by DGital Media, the podcast will be available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play, Spotify (mobile), Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart, and other outlets. Sable has been Global CEO of Y&R since February 2011. He first joined as a trainee in 1976 and credits his start at Y&R for his passion for the business of marketing communications, as well as his core skills.

“I often say that in our business, creativity tells the story, innovation drives it to the right audience, and technology enables it. The more curious we are about the world, the arts, technology — everything that adds up to culture — the more open we are to new ideas. I hope the guests on Madison & Culture, drawn from all corners of culture and commerce, will not only inform but inspire,” said Sable.


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