NPR Summer Podcasts Announced


Public radio has gone in big with podcasts, and this summer’s offering includes six shows across several genres. The podcasts are:

Wow In The World, premieres May 15
Wow In The World is a podcast for kids ages 5-12 that illuminates the wonders of science, technology, discovery, and inventions.
Hear the first episode of Wow In The World and subscribe today.

Invisibilia, returns June 1
For its third season, the critically-acclaimed and beloved podcast asks the question: “How real is reality?” The stories speak to a central question of our time: How is it that people are looking out at the same landscape and seeing completely different things?

Sam Sanders Project, coming the week of June 19 (Working Title)
In 2016,
Sam Sanders’ trademark curiosity and empathy made him a favorite of the NPR Politics Podcast. The world is still complicated, and Sam wants to talk it out. Catch up with Sam by listening to his pilots on NPR One.

Live From The Poundstone Institute, premieres July 8
Live From The Poundstone Institute with Paula Poundstone explores, and finds laughs in, the research studies that are so odd they just beg for someone to stand up and say “Wait, what?!”

What’s Good With Stretch and Bobbito, premieres July 19
Their legendary career as New York hip-hop radio DJs was chronicled in a 2015
documentary film. Now, after 19 years off the air,  Adrian “Stretch” Bartos and Robert “Bobbito” Garcia are reuniting on NPR. Get a preview.

Rough Translation, coming in August
Rough Translation is the new international podcast from NPR. At a time when it’s easy to talk across borders but as hard as ever to understand each other, listeners will travel with NPR international correspondent Gregory Warner to places where the phrasebook fails.

VP for Programming and Audience Development Anya Grundmann said, “We are expanding the range of our programming by giving a platform to new voices, sharing a fun new side of favorite contributors, and doubling down on immersive stories and journalism.”


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