NPR Getting The News To Latino Audience


The network will begin distributing the award-winning Spanish-language podcast Radio Ambulante on November 22.The show uses long-form reportage to broadcast under-reported Latin American and Latino stories. Those stories range from humorous to political, to investigative reporting – some are very personal. Peruvian-American novelist Daniel Alarcón and will be available in the NPR app and wherever podcasts are available.

“Daniel Alarcon and the team are pioneers in audio storytelling in the Spanish language. Their ear for language, beguiling imagination, and deep journalism are a rare combination,” said NPR’s Vice President of Programming, Anya Grundmann. “Radio Ambulante is such a natural partner for NPR and will help us connect with important stories and communities in new ways.”

“There are more than 50 million Spanish speakers living in the US, and we too are part of the ‘public’ in ‘public radio’,” Daniel Alarcón, Executive Producer of Radio Ambulante. “It’s exciting to be part of NPR, helping it sound a little bit more like America. NPR shares our journalistic values, our commitment to good storytelling, and our desire to innovate. We couldn’t be happier, or prouder, to join forces.”


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