Ramsey Show Will Air On SiriusXM


Starting November 14, The Dave Ramsey Show will be heard on channel 145 on SiriusXM. The personal money management guru’s show will run Monday through Friday from 2:00-5:00 p.m. ET.

“Dave Ramsey is a huge force in the world of personal money management and a significant addition to SiriusXM,” said Jason Schramm, Senior Vice President of Digital, Talk and Content Strategy, SiriusXM. “Between his immensely popular program and bestselling books, Dave has proven himself a top expert in his field, and I’m thrilled that he’s found a second home at SiriusXM, where our subscribers will now be able to listen to his advice and get direct feedback about their own finances.”


  1. If I owned a station with Ramsey, I’d cancel him today. While terrestrial radio, mostly AM radio, makes Ramsey rich and famous, he jumps ship to the enemy. Piss on him.

    • Seth, you don’t own a station, and it’s obvious to me you don’t have experience running a business let alone radio business. Nor do you have much courtesy! I bet, however, writing ‘piss on him’ a couple times a day from behind the shelter of your computer screen makes you feel big. Have some respect.


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