AudioHQ And Triton Digital Form Partnership


Triton Digital and AudioHQ announced an agreement on Tuesday whereby AudioHQ will be the exclusive seller of Triton’s online audio-advertising inventory in the United States. In addition, AudioHQ will support the programmatic buying and selling of audio inventory by promoting Triton’s audio-advertising exchange, a2x, to traditional and programmatic buyers. Through this arrangement, AudioHQ will assume all audio advertising inventory operations and service delivery in the United States.

Triton Digital CEO Neal Schore said, “We are pleased to align with AudioHQ to grow, enrich, and scale US advertising efforts whereby both audio publishers and advertisers benefit. This arrangement provides our publisher partners with access to a larger and more focused sales effort, while enabling advertisers to scale their campaigns across an increased and more diversified array of audio assets.”

“Since the day we founded AudioHQ, our focus has always been on building the most complete monetization solution for digital audio publishers, and this arrangement allows for a significantly broader approach across all sales channels including national, local, and programmatic,” said Matt Cutair, CEO at AudioHQ. “We could not be more thrilled to be bringing over such a talented team of individuals who have built a top class ad-sales business.”


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