Imus Signs Extension With Cumulus, WABC


If anyone thought Don Imus was going to retire any time soon, you can forget about that idea. The I-man just signed a multi-year renewal with Cumulus and 77 WABC in New York that will extend his radio career in New York to over 40 years. Cumulus New York Market Manager Chad Lopez said he was thrilled Imus decided to continue hosting mornings on WABC. “He is a broadcasting legend with a very strong loyal audience that truly appreciates his talent and professionalism.”

Don Imus began his career in Palmdale, CA at KUTY and has been performing the Imus in The Morning show from New York first with WNBC, then with WFAN, and for the last nine years on WABC Radio.

Imus has won four Marconi Awards, and was selected as one of Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential People in America for 1997. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1996. The Imus family has raised over $250,000,000 (a quarter of a billion dollars) for cancer research, childhood illnesses, the Intrepid Fallen Hero’s Fund, and various charities, including the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer, which Don and Deirdre Imus founded, personally donating millions of dollars in the process, the Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund, SKIP, and the CJ Foundation for SIDS. The Imus Foundation recently contributed $250,000 helping with the launch of Tackle Kids Cancer, affiliated with Hackensack Medical University Center. In addition, the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center at Hackensack University Medical Center is celebrating over 15 years of protecting children’s health and the environment.


  1. Sam talks like a whore, acted like a whore and was treated like a whore. Breakdowns and delusions of grandeur, goals she never could have reached. Don was classic, but you honey have the mouth of an 11th Ave prostitute and soon you’ll be dead too!

  2. Great comment$ !!! All true ! Everything you say here is true ! Thanks for the great commentary , keep up the good work !!!! 😉 Keep up the good fight !

  3. I agree with everything Sam said. It is absolutely nauseating that Cumulus would renew this piece of radio roadkill. He is literally and figuratively “phoning it in” every day, and pathetically needs to retain his flaccid radio microphone so gold-digging Deirdre has something to suck on until he croaks and she inherits all his money. I would suggest that Deirdre and little misanthropic Wyatt (clearly not a winner in the genetic lottery) open a motel off the highway when Mr. Imus buys the proverbial farm as well as the ranch. This way Wyatt can peek in on all those dirty women Deirdre won’t let him near. Yes, this is a total disgrace. Cumulus Management consists of a bunch of risk averse clowns who won’t even disassociate themselves from a man who ran a huge charity scam called the Imus Ranch and the callously abandoned it to let it rot!

    • Why such hatred…he has a unique personality for sure, but he has the best guests and asks the best questions and truly has done a lot of good.

  4. Can’t say Sam wasn’t candid.
    So long as Cumulus stays viable, the I-Man keeps the gig.
    Further, as my Uncle Yunkel used to say: “It’s already a living.” 🙂

  5. Imus must have photos of someone at Cumulus screwing a goat. He has zero social media numbers (after 40 years on the air, his Facebook page has less than 16,000 Likes … that’s 70,000 Likes less than the “Adolph Hitler’s Political Beliefs” page. I have no idea what his Twitter numbers are because I was banned before I even got a chance to look. I don’t know anyone under 40 years old who even knows who he is … and I know no one over 40 who listens to him for any reason other than to report back to me or to make fun of him on that dead Facebook page. His partner of 40 years, Charles McCord, upped and left him because he can’t keep his talentless, idiot, screaming wife off the air and he won’t stop talking about the non-existent rodeo “career” of his spoiled son. (You can’t make this shit up if you tried.) That so-called “charity” ranch is rotting for sale in the New Mexico sun since 2014 … what a scam and a sham that was: look at the sales video on line and explain why they needed that elaborate Xandau to host 100 kids per summer for 16 lousy summers? And his wife didn’t donate anything – that’s HIS money; so who the hell is she kidding? Her so-called Institute at Hackensack (humbly named after herself) sells cleaning crap and does nothing else: it’s all in his wife’s bleached blonde ditzy, gold-digging head. All her books are ghostwritten, the so-called cookbound wound up in litagation with the chef she stole the recipes from, and she has NO scientific credentials anyway, so who gives damned? No one listens to the radio to hear about how much money Imus gave to who, what, and when – and I sincerely doubt it’s anything close to a quarter billion: he squeezed his listeners and guests for most of it anyway. But I’m thrilled he re-signed his contract, because it means he’ll be on the air until he drops dead, which could actually be any minute now.


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