103.1 WIRK-FM Brings Brooke & Jubal To Mornings


The duo has been signed on as the new morning show at the Alpha Media, West Palm Beach station, replacing Chelsea Taylor who will stay on and contribute to the show. August 1 is the big debut. Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality, and comedy writer, while Brooke has worked in morning radio for over 12 years and hosted Top 40 radio’s first all-female morning drive show.

Alpha Media Executive VP of Programming, Scott Mahalick said, “We are honored to have them join our Palm Beach cluster of amazing talent and excited to be the pioneers of introducing Brooke & Jubal to the Country format.

Alpha Media SVP/Market Manager, Elizabeth Hamma added, “We are delighted to break new ground with Brooke & Jubal as they join WIRK’s hometown sweetheart, Chelsea Taylor, in the morning and introduce them to the country life-group in West Palm Beach.”


  1. Thank goodness, I thought I was the only irrational person who could NOT tolerate this guy’s most irritating laugh in the background. I stopped listening to this station because of this obnoxious chalkboard-screeching laugh. Today I deleted this station from my saved channel and, out of curiosity, googled “93.3 radio annoying laugh” (I’m in Bakersfield). One of the most idiotic, desperate and utterly incompetent ways to run a radio show.

  2. It’s just amazing to me how so many people including myself , cannot tolerate Jose’s obnoxious giggling and laughter, to the point that we can’t even listen to it and turn it off , yet nothing has changed! Does anyone there actually look at the listeners comments???

  3. I love this show. I love the way the dude laughs in the background! It’s funny and his laugh makes me laugh! Great stuff!

  4. Please get rid of guy in background that laughs like an insane person at everything. He makes me want to change the station really quick.

  5. Please please please listen to all your listeners and get rid of the stupid laugh in the background. It’s so irritating I had to google “annoying laughing guy on Brook and Jubal!” I don’t listen to Elvis Durant in the morning because they have some dumb laughing in the background. My 7 and 9 year old complain about the stupid laughing too.

  6. This show is fairly new to the St.Louis market. I tuned in for the first time last week while heading to work. I found the show really entertaining before it was hijacked by this unnecessary canned laughing. Look, I’m just a listener and maybe this is a NEW thing in morning radio shows I don’t know about? I love to laugh and I like to think I have a great sense of humor, but, they are blowing a great opportunity at the expense of what? This would be irritating at a comedy show and would asked to leave. Let’s face it, it’s a canned laugh and they have made it an unnecessary part of this program. In regards to my listening, I tried. Good luck with whatever your trying to do…

  7. OMG! That laughing in the background is like nails on a chalkboard to me! I seriously cannot listen. They really need to get rid of Jose!! I can’t believe they think that is something people want to hear… especially so early in the morning.

  8. I finally Googled “Brooke & Jubal, annoying guy laughing in the background” and how refreshing to see that clearly, I am not the only one annoyed every time I happen to flip to the station and hear him. Sorry, Jose, it would be annoying at any time, but especially at 7:45 a.m.!

  9. Agreed with all the above statements. Jose cackling, which I assume is supposed to be in the background, is incredibly annoying and makes this show hard to tolerate. 3/4 of what he is laughing about isn’t funny and it sounds very forced. Get rid of him.

  10. i wonder why wont they listen to so many people complaining about this person’s laugh and fire him already.
    He is horrible and extremely annoying

  11. My god they are terrible. Listened to them on my way to work in Vegas today and could not believe how awful and unfunny they are. Agreed with past comments the laughing in the background is annoying and further highlights that they aren’t funny by the overcompensating laughter.

  12. Complete insanity that somebody high up in this station thinks that stupid laughing in the background is funny or necessary. Absolutely unlistenable. I have emailed the station and got no reply. I’m done.

    • Agreed. . it is so bad that I have stopped listening to 103.1 wirk in the morning. In the rare event that I forget and turn it on, only a few seconds will lapse before that laughing idiot comes on and makes my skin crawl. It is beyond me that there are people on this Earth that think that this idiot is funny.

    • Thank you! I love listening to Brooke and Jubal but the constant laughter/incessant giggling that takes place during inappropriate times or when nothing funny is being said drives me absolutely nuts. My coworkers love listening to this show every morning (the second date segment particularly) but I’ve had it with the annoying laughter. I can’t concentrate because I’m so annoyed, so I’m changing the station Monday morning. Sad that they think the ridiculous laughter is necessary – Brooke and Jubal would probably have a larger following without Jose’s laughter turning away listeners. Even the people they call are like, “Is this a joke? Why do I hear laughter?” I’m surprised more people don’t just hang up on them. I would.

  13. This show aweful. Jubal sounds like a highschool kid getting a shot at his school’s intercom system, while Jose laughs (with the most annoying forced laugh) at EVERY SINGLE thing Jubal says. This is Jose’s only time on the radio is to laugh into the mic! This has to be the worst show on the radio!

  14. I thought I was the only one who was going crazy with all that annoying laughing in the background. Its like he wants to be included in the show so bad that he thinks his incessant laughing and comments will get him noticed. Brooke and Jubal don’t even acknowledge him. I can’t listen to this anymore. Instead of having a nice morning drive to work, I’m going out of my way to write this stupid comment.

  15. This is not what I want to hear @ 7 am on my way to work – prior to this, it was family friendly & I loved it.
    Sorry it has changed!

  16. The basic idea is okay but the guy in the background laughing like a hyena sounds ridiculous and it’s so annoying I have to turn it off as soon as hear him get going with that idiotic canned style laughter. 🙁

  17. I just want JD back again JD in the morning show was the best not listening anymore the wave 92.7 is real good and the DJs are really friendly and they do the contest by calling in not buy this text messaging contest so impersonal

  18. This is the worst radio show I have ever heard. I thought maybe this was just recorded “stuff” you were using until you could find someone to be with Chelsea. Can’t believe this is for real. They don’t even sound like they are live in the station and that cackling laugh in the background is so annoying. Don’t think you have much regard for your audience with this nonsense.

  19. I have been listening to 103.1 for years. Not a fan of the new format. Have tried several times. I will also be looking for another station. Hopefully if Chelsea moves on to another station, we will find her.

  20. Chelsea could do better by herself. Do not like the new people. There is someone with an annoying laugh. They are trying to replicate the New York based show with Elvis. I will looking elsewhere for my morning radio Wish Chelsea best of luck.


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