Edison: 50% Of Americans Listen To Online Radio


Edison Research continues to dribble out teases leading up to its Infinite Dial webinar this Thursday, presented in conjunction with Triton Digital. The latest tidbit of information is about online listening, which Edison says 50% of Americans now do on a weekly basis.

That would mean that about 136 million people listen to radio online every week. So far Edison has not said how that breaks down between Pandora, iHeartRadio, radio station apps, or other streamers. We are told that detail will be part of the Thursday webinar.

As you can see by this chart, online listening has come a long way. In 2000, only 2% of respondents in the study said they listened to radio online.

weekly listening


  1. Another press release published as fact by RadioInk. Edison Research is hosting a webinar and to get customers, they put out an outlandish claim, backed up by nothing but a bar graph and RadioInk puts it up-no questions asked.
    Imac, you get the Christie campaign job of credibility director.

  2. You’re right mel T…There are even more than 136 million people in the U.S. that listen to Internet radio weekly and that does not count the international listeners that have access to internet radio streams.


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