Rosin: Streamers Pass Radio In 18-24 Demo


Edison Research President Larry Rosin is out with a new blog and the information he posted Tuesday is sure to cause a little controversy. Rosin says in Edison’s most recent data, for the first time, among 18-24 year olds, streaming audio (Pandora, Spotify, and others) has surpassed broadcast radio.

Rosin says this win for streaming pure-plays comes “despite the fact that for audio consumption in the car, streaming is as yet quite small. Despite this disadvantage, streaming wins at-home and at-work in sufficient amounts to surpass radio overall.”

As this graph from Rosin’s blog shows, streaming has inched ahead, 29%-28% among 18 to 24-year-old listeners

streaming 18-24


  1. I don’t believe this to be possible. First off it’s been shown only a small % of the population is willing to pay for streaming ( 7%) and the 18-24 are the ones without jobs! Even if they are not paying, what good does this do a streaming advertiser reaching jobless basement dwellers?


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