The Latest iHeartRadio Integrations Announced At CES


iHeartMedia announced multiple new app integrations with Apple, Samsung, LG, and DTS at the Consumer Electronics Show. President of Business Development and Partnerships Michele Laven said, “These new iHeartRadio integrations allow us to offer our listeners an even more seamless listening experience wherever they are. We are always looking for new ways to deliver high-quality entertainment experiences to our listeners, and we are excited to be able to offer iHeartRadio to even more devices, which will reach even more music lovers.” Here is exactly what the company announced…

The integration with Apple TV will allow users to experience all of the core elements of the iHeartRadio app including access to thousands of Live Stations, Custom Stations (based on a song or artist search), and podcasts. Both registered and unregistered users of iHeartRadio will be able to play Live and Custom Radio, view For You recommendations, save favorite stations, and access iHeartRadio’s newest feature My Favorites Radio, which combines a user’s favorite stations and artists into one station. The new interface also features sleek design elements optimized for the Apple TV viewing experience.

Two new integrations with Samsung devices — Multi-Screen, a service that will allow iHeartRadio to be seamlessly cast to various Samsung devices, and Gear S2, Samsung’s latest wearable smartwatch. The integration with Multi-Screen will allow users of the iHeartRadio for Android and Tizen apps to cast the iHeartRadio experience to Samsung speakers and televisions, while the Gear S2 integration will give these smartwatch users access to iHeartRadio’s Live and Custom Radio and podcasts with an easy rotation of a watch bezel users have grown to love.

LG Smart ThinQ Hub:
A new integration with LG’s Smart ThinQ, the unique new smarthome hub from LG that will allow users to listen to both Live and Custom Stations through iHeartRadio’s app, automatically recalling the user’s favorites and preferences. The partnership with Smart ThinQ will provide a simple and easy listening experience, where users can simply click left or right to access multiformat content — from local stations to other favorites — with just the push of a button.

This integration with DTS Play-Fi will allow listeners with the free Play-Fi app on their iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet to stream their favorite iHeartRadio Live and Custom stations to any Play-Fi-enabled speaker via Wi-Fi. iHeartRadio registered users will be able to enjoy their favorite tunes around the house in the highest-quality, lossless audio to the widest selection of speakers in the whole-home streaming category.


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