Levingston And Emmis Part Company


Deon Levingston’s been at WBLS since 2004 when Skip Finley and Charles Warfield convinced him to come to New York and work for Inner City. At the time, he was working for Radio One in Indianapolis at WTLC, a station Radio One purchased from Emmis. A few years ago, when Emmis purchased WBLS in New York City, Levingston and Emmis were re-united. This week, they parted company when Emmis decided not to renew Levingston’s contract. A replacement has not yet been announced. Perhaps we’ll hear more when Emmis reports earnings Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Read our 2014 cover story with Levingston HERE deoncoverstory


  1. I worked for Deon from 2005 until September 2015 when Emmis cut me lose. Deon had more energy, professionalism and foresight about radio than anyone I have ever met or worked for. He is a builder, a motivator, a visionary. New York radio will NEVER be the same. Good landing Deon.

  2. This is not only a SAD day for Urban Radio but truly a SAD day for RADIO. Deon has more passion for this industry than most and truly believes in people and the direction of radio. What will it take to keep good solid people in this industry?

  3. I reviewed the last few years and can find nothing but a record of accomplishments for Deon and his team including a Marconi in 2015; my question is what does it take to be offered a renewal? SAD


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