Johnjay & Rich Grant Ultimate Christmas Wish


As part of their annual Christmas Wish program, iHeartRadio’s The Johnjay & Rich Show helped nine families in need this holiday season, including one special family in Buckeye, Ariz. C.Y. and her husband Kyle, who have four of their own children, recently adopted Kyle’s 9-year-old second cousin Alexa, whose parents had passed away. After learning she had three siblings in Oklahoma, the family tried to adopt them, but struggled to meet the necessary state requirements, including the purchase of more beds for the children.

C.Y.’s best friend Megan, whom she hasn’t seen face-to-face since 2008, secretly nominated her for the Christmas Wish program. This week, The Johnjay & Rich Show, in conjunction with The Johnjay & Rich Care for Kids Foundation, appeared outside C.Y.’s home as she found out she was receiving $1,000 in free groceries, $1,000 for new clothes for the family, toys for all the kids, two new bunk bed sets with four new twin mattresses, and the biggest surprise of all – a reunion with her best friend Megan, who was standing outside her front door.


  1. I want to ask you to grant my daughter a wish tis year. Her Daughter committed suicide in April and she is caring for 2 of the children in her small RV. She needs some work on as it has a water leak. Also she won’t have money for school clothes and Christmas presents. She lives on SSI.If you could grant her some help it would be great.
    Her Name is Brenda Murphy
    1655 W Ajo space 576
    Tucson AZ 85713


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