New Afternoon Man on The Job at WTIC-AM

Todd Feinburg is taking over afternoons at CBS Radio's News/Talk station WTIC-AM in Hartford. He'll focus on local issues, topics of the day, politics and more, and replaces Joe D and Gresh, which was a sports show.

Nikki Sixx Hits The “Ton”

The former Motley Crue bassist continues his rise in the radio world. His Side Show franchise has just reached 100 affiliates with the addition of WKBU Bayou 95.7 in New Orleans. Effective April 28, The Side Show Classic with Nikki Sixx will join the station’s Friday evening lineup in the 10 p.m. to midnight timeslot.

Borrell: Digital Ad Fraud On The Rise

You hear more and more stories about it. Advertisers are spending increasing amounts on digital, yet, in many cases, they have no idea where it's going or if human beings are even seeing or hearing their ads. A new report by Borrell & Associates continues that theory, as online fraud continues to climb and advertisers are getting duped in the process.

Law Group Petitions To Abolish Main Studio Rule

Garvey, Schubert, Barer's Media, Telecom and Technology Group has filed a Petition for Rulemaking asking the Commission to repeal the radio and television Main Studio Rule. The current rule requires radio and television stations to maintain a main studio within or near their communities of license. There has been a push, as of late, to get the rule repealed...

Radio Stunt Gets Attention From GMA

iHeartMedia's KISS-FM in Austin received some national attention Wednesday for a promotion called "Kiss-A-Kia." Listeners had to keep their lips puckered to the car (with a 10-minute break every hour). Whoever lasted the longest won the vehicle.

Radio — The Next Frontier For Artificial Intelligence

(By Paul Cramer) The term artificial intelligence often evokes images of sentient computers from Star Trek or cyborgs from The Terminator. While those are extreme examples of artificial intelligence or AI, the Oxford Dictionary gives a more pragmatic definition of AI as computers that have the capability to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making.

Fantasy Sports Network Comes To Radio

Fantasy sports has become big business and very popular with sports fans. Fantasy Sports Entertainment Group is now making the FNTSY Sports Radio Network available to radio. The FNTSY Sports Radio Network is a free fantasy sports radio network dedicated entirely to fantasy sports enthusiasts. KMG Networks is handling distribution and media partnerships.

SBS Wins Another Copyright Suit

Attorneys James Sammataro and Hans Hertell, with the Miami office of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, tell Radio Ink they have successfully defended SBS in the company’s second victorious copyright trial in the last six months. The court granted a "directed verdict" in SBS’s favor before the close of day one of the trial, ruling that the plaintiffs “miserably failed” to offer any credible evidence of SBS’s alleged infringement.

iHeart Flips To Spanish Top 40 In San Antonio

The new station is called "104.5 Latino Hits (KZEP)," and it replaces HOT 104.5, San Antonio’s Rhythm and Throwback. The new format kicked off at noon on Thursday with 10,000 songs of commercial-free music. A full local programming lineup will be announced at a later date.

Hubbard Chooses Madison For Mornings

As of Monday Hubbard Radio in Seattle will begin airing The Billy Madison Show on ROCK 98.9 KVRQ, according to Market Manager Mark Kaye. “Billy had me at hello. The first time I met Billy, Derek and Nard, I knew the Billy Madison Show was going to be a part of Rock 98.9 and a huge part indeed.”

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