Where Is Your Next Superstar?

At the Hispanic Radio Conference, programming experts will address the topic of "Radio’s Talent Pool: How Deep — Or How Shallow — Are the Waters?" and show you how to find and develop tomorrow’s key players for the ratings and revenue win.

KUNC Launches The Colorado Sound

Greely, Colorado NPR-affiliate KUNC has launched a new 24-hour music discovery station called "The Colorado Sound" on 105.5 FM. KUNC has been LMAing the station since January 4 and should be getting final FCC approval to purchase it in the next month.

Media Monitors Accredited By MRC

The Board of Directors of the Media Rating Council has voted to continue accreditation of the Media Monitors radio spot data service.

A Major Flaw In AM Revitalization?

Is there a battle brewing among AM broadcasters thanks to The FCC? Those struggling to survive want the FCC to give them every opportunity to make a comeback in this era of intense competition for both ears and ad dollars. Broadcasters who are now running some of the most successful radio brands may have to pay the price for the little guys to have a chance to thrive again. At least that's what the FCC has up its sleeve.

Radio’s Iconic AM Brands

When you say many of these call letters you don't need to mention the city or state because they are so nationally known, you know exactly where they are. Some would argue these call letters are what built radio in its early days. The FCC may be about to cut the legs out from under these brands as part of its plan to fix the AM dial. Here's a listing of all Class A AM radio stations.

A New Public Service Website From The NAB

The National Association of Broadcasters has launched a brand new BroadcastPublicService.org website. The site highlights the public service, charitable outreach, lifeline reporting, and investigative journalism of local broadcasters. The site also provides broadcasters with access to PSA campaigns.

Townsquare Q4 Ad Revenue Flat

Townsquare, which operates in 66 small and medium markets, reported flat local ad revenue for the final three months of 2015 and for the full year.

At Townsquare Live Events Are Huge

Townsquare CEO Steven Price said 2015 was a very good year for the company. "Half our revenue comes from sources other than radio ad sales and Townsquare Media reached profitability for the first time."

Lawsuit Coming After Radio Station Fight

According to WFAA.com, a lawsuit will be filed against County Commissioner John Wiley Price, from the fight at Dallas Gospel radio station KHVN we reported last week.

Nielsen: Radio’s Fastest growing Audience Is…

The Hispanic audience, according to the latest Nielsen "State of The Media" report out last week. Another reason for you to attend the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale March 22 and 23.

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