Not All CEO’s Are On The Programmatic Bandwagon

Liggins says he doesn't see the demand for programmatic in radio. "Advertising agencies want it because it will allow them to do their job with fewer people. And, this also means we don't have to pay a seller which should save us commission." Liggins also said the folks at iHeartMedia, CEO Bob Pittman, building the programmatic platform are smart people, so if you can save money it's a net positive.

CBS Station Integration Harder Than Expected

Beasley CFO Caroline Beasley told investors integrating the 14 stations it received in a swap from CBS was harder than originally expected. That process started about 11 months ago. First, the revenue in those two markets was down 9% in Charlotte and Tampa and the company reduced expenses by 7%. Beasley has cut expenses in the two markets it picked up stations from CBS in by $700,000. Beasley says the company hopes to see the benefits from swap mid to late 2016

Beasley Q3 Revenue Up 7%

The Beasley revenue is not exactly comparing apples to apples just yet, as the company continues to integrate 14 stations it received from CBS in Philadelphia, Charlotte and Tampa for five stations it owned in Miami and Philadelphia. The company must report the five stations in Philadelphia that CBS now owns as discontinued operations despite having owned them a year ago.

The Sound In L.A. Is Best Classic Rocker

Entercom's KSWD-FM "The Sound" in Los Angeles has been chosen as the best large market Classic Rock station by Team Rock, Classic Rock magazine, and KMG Networks, a division of Krantz Media Group.

Listeners To Design Billboard Campaign

This is taking listener input to a whole new creative level. Hubbard's 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis is asking listeners to help them...
Univision corporate logo

Univision Ad Revenue Drops 2.7% – Radio Down 6.9%

Univision reported company-wide advertising revenue for the third quarter was $517.7 million, down from $531.9 million a year ago. However total revenue for the third quarter increased 10% to $801.5 million compared to $728.9 million in 2014. Non-advertising revenue increased 44.1% to $283.8 million from $197.0 million. Q3 Advertising revenue for Univision's 67 radio stations decreased 6.9% to $70.4 million from $75.6 million.

To Be Heard, You Have to Be on Radio

In an interview with "A Taste of Country" Ronnie Dunn said he realized during his short stint as an independent artist that radio airplay...

Visotcky Joins West Virginia Radio Corporation

Visotcky is the new Market Manager for the company's Charleston seven-station cluster. Visotcky started his radio career with WVRC while still a student at West Virginia University in 1979. He comes to Charleston from San Diego where he revamped sales for the Padres Radio Network and led a staff of ten multi-media sellers this past season.

Inside The Merlin Staff Meeting

Understandably, neither Randy Michaels nor Walter Sabo was available for comment yesterday. It wasn't a banner day for the two men who claimed a new format was going to take the industry by storm. Merlin Media made a big splash in the Windy City about a year ago with big investor money, a rare new radio idea, and a lot of excitement built around a staff of news gatherers hoping to be part of something transformative. Yesterday, that all came crashing down.

Who Are The Best Country PD’s in Radio?

Nominations are now being accepted for Radio Ink's Best Country Program Directors list. Make your nomination today HERE. The deadline to nominate is Friday, November 6 at 5 p.m.

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