Trella Hart, Voice of ’60s and ’70s Radio Jingles, Passes Away


Trella Hart, the vocalist behind some of the most famous station jingles of the 1960s and 1970s, passed away on July 4. After moving to Dallas in 1966, she signed with PAMS Productions, where she quickly became heard on national and international radio.

Hart’s distinct voice and laughter became a signature across radio stations that used PAMS’ “Swiszle” and “Fun Vibrations” packages, of which the latter was most famously used on New York City’s 77 WABC. She later extended her talents to commercial jingles and other production companies, including JAM.

Beyond her imaging success, Hart was passionate about jazz music, performing standards at clubs and other venues. She released a single on Capitol Records in 1970, which charted at several of the same stations she voiced jingles for.


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