Spokane Radio Shakeup as ‘Dave, Ken, and Molly’ Ends Suddenly


On Friday morning, listeners of the long-running Dave, Ken, and Molly morning show in Spokane woke to a shock: the show’s abrupt cancellation. Morgan Murphy Media let the 92.9 ZZU (KZZU) trio go as part of a larger operational restructuring in the market.

The sudden cancellation has left both listeners and hosts of the show – which had been running for more than three decades – in shock. Co-host, Molly Allen, shared on Facebook that she and Dave Sposito and Ken Hopkins were unaware while on-air Thursday that the show would be their last broadcast, expressing regret for not having the chance to bid farewell to their audience.

Sposito told The Spokesman-Review, “There’s not much that I can say right now… But we were the top rated show for many, many years… And none of us saw this coming… Still sort of processing it all.”

The Wisconsin-based Morgan Murphy also cut the News Now morning show at sister station KXLY 920 in favor of a radio simulcast of its digital video news offering, Good Morning Northwest.

KXLY talent Dave Spencer said, “I had the privilege of spending several years as the producer for Dave Ken and Molly before switching to News Radio. I am heartbroken for them as well as my producer Steve West who just joined our team 8 months ago.”

In a brief release on KXLY-AM’s website, Morgan Murphy Media VP of Radio Tery Garras said, “We are restructuring operations to reflect current economic conditions while maintaining our commitment to our loyal listeners, partners, and community into the future.” The release also addressed the show’s success through the years.

Plans for the KZZU morning timeslot have yet to be revealed.


  1. Canadian Listener here, about 2 hours North of Spokane. My heart is broken for them and all of the loyal listeners. Weekday mornings will never be the same, I’ve been listening for 15 years at least. We were all endeared to the stories and the shenanigans of the these 3 funny people, so sad. Miss you, hope you show up somewhere new. Take care of each other, MJ

  2. It’s a shame. I’ve been listening to Dave, Ken and Molly ever since we moved to Spokane 11 years ago. I listened to their replacement this morning (7/8). After 5 minutes, I turned it off — I couldn’t stand it! I am now actively looking for a replacement for 92.9 ZZU

  3. I truly cannot believe that this supposedly upstanding, family run, “honest” media corporation cancelled the most popular, most loved radio hosts and show in Spokane!!! Did they not do the research, obviously they did not know the audience and supporters of this show!!! I will never listen to this station again, I cannot imagine what they will replace the Dave, Ken and Molly show with. Oh, let me rephrase that, there is no replacing the Dave, Ken and Molly show, they are the best.

    Stupid move to cancel, the way it was done was atrocious, at work one day, next day “oh guess what, your CANCELLED!!!” after 30 years of entertaining the masses. Are you kidding me, so much for the trustworthy and upstanding media corporation.

    My hope is that another station or media outlet will scoop these three up and get them back on the air so the rest of us can have some normalcy and fun back in our lives!!!

    • That’s the problem with coorperat inverstester companies taking over. They go in and do cuts to people that they feel make to much, they call it restructuring. This decision is really going to bite them in the ass. I will never listen to that station again.

  4. I’m still in shock and heartbroken. I’ve listened since 1985 when it came on the air. 92.9 is dead to me. Dave, Ken and Molly were the only reason I listened to that station. They are such class act. They are sincere and did so much for our community. If Morgan Murphy Media cared about maintaining their ‘commitment to the community’, they wouldn’t have cancelled DKM. They have less than zero understanding of the Spokane community and how beloved these 3 are. Morgan Media’s comment of “we are restructuring operations to reflect current economic conditions while maintaining our commitment to our loyal listeners, partners, and community into the future.” Lol what a joke statement. They just lost those very loyal listeners this company so called have a commitment to. If they cared about maintaining a commitment, they wouldn’t have cancelled and horribly, the (community voted) best morning show in Spokane. I really hope they (together as a team) find another show or even a podcast. What a loss.

  5. Tery Garras , you have failed miserably with your commitment to the loyal listeners. You clearly know nothing about our community. There is a reason they were our TOP radio show. We tuned in to listen to them. If this was your less than brilliant idea I hope your company provides you with the same level of respect you have shown to DKM and our community. Many of us here will be boycotting both 92.9 but everything else your evil corporation has it’s heartless little hands in.

  6. Lost me as a listener if there is no Dave, Ken, & Molly. They are the main reason I listen. So unfair to them and us as loyal listeners!

  7. Stupid move and you lost me as a listener. What a rotten, under handed, heartless thing to do. This is not New York you know…ugh!!! We actually care about people out here in the Pacific Northwest!!!

  8. Corporate Greed at its finest. Dave, Ken and Molly are an institution and part of the fabric of the city of Spokane. Foolish move.


  10. That was shocking these three were wonderful I can’t believe you needed to say that much money to ruin these people’s lives those three were wonderful. I’m just heartbroken I listen to him every morning kzzu is now no part of my radio. I hope these three wonderful human beings land at another radio station and make it more popular than ever.

  11. I for one WILL NOT listen to this station again. This move was heartless and a total disregard for the DKM audience and patrons of the station as a whole. Good-bye KZZU


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