Beasley Media Adopts SPECai Platform In All 11 Markets


ENCO Systems, Benztown, and Compass Media Networks have announced a new generative AI partnership with Beasley Media Group. This agreement will deploy SPECai, an AI-powered spec spot creator, at all 59 of Beasley’s radio stations in 11 US markets.

SPECai leverages AI technology to generate fully produced spec spots in both English and Spanish, complete with regional accents. ENCO introduced the platform in October, with Compass managing domestic sales and marketing, while Benztown handles international clients and sonic design.

The technology was honored with a Best of Show award at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas.

Beasley Media Group’s adoption of SPECai places them among more than a dozen radio companies utilizing this innovative technology including Connoisseur Media, Summit Media, Magnum Communications, Bennett Radio Group, Black Diamond Broadcasting, Local Media San Diego, and Yavapai Broadcasting. In May, ENCO, Benztown, and Compass announced a similar deal with Adams Radio Group and Southern Stone Communications.

Beasley Media CEO Caroline Beasley said, “We are very excited to be among the early users of SPECai. The technology is a game-changing tool for our sales teams to quickly and easily produce great-sounding spec spots for clients in minutes that don’t sound AI-generated, making them very compelling for advertisers. It’s amazing technology for our industry.”


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