ENCO, Benztown, and Compass Link On New AI Sales Tool


ENCO is collaborating with Benztown and Compass Media Networks to introduce its SpecAI ad creation technology to the North American radio broadcast market. Designed to streamline the process of creating spec ads for sponsors, SpecAI employs generative AI models to automate voice tracking and content creation.

Users, typically account executives, input various details like spot length, writing style, and sponsor information. The system then generates scripts and allows users to select the AI voice and background music, delivering a finished audio file within seconds.

Compass will handle domestic sales and marketing, while Benztown will deal with international clients and add sonic design expertise. The technology will be showcased at the NAB Show New York, where all three companies will be present to offer insights into the product.

ENCO President Ken Frommert states, “SpecAI is a gamechanger because account executives can now walk onto a customer site and create a ready-to-air spec ad in seconds. Compass Media Networks brings exceptional value through their experience selling human spec ad services, and Benztown is a force in radio imaging and music libraries that we have enjoyed working with for years. We are excited to work together with these companies to bring our vision for AI to the broader radio community.”

Compass Media Networks CFO Hiram Lazar commented, “AI adoption has swiftly moved forward over the last few months, and as the largest player in spec commercials for over 10 years we recognized it was time to offer an AI solution for our clients. Using Benztown’s libraries, we can now give our clients the option to produce ads with an AI voice or a live voice to customize prerecorded spec commercials.”


  1. Another bad idea for radio.

    First the music all sounds the same…and now the commercials will…

    The most effective commercial is one read live by the personality,
    but who does that any more.

    “Just because you can do it…doesn’t mean it’s a good idea”

    Bob VanDerheyden


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