FCC Again Proposes Reduced Radio Regulatory Fees


The FCC is proposing to decrease annual AM and FM radio regulatory fees for the second year in a row. The plan reflects the FCC’s strategy to align fee collection with its $390,192,000 budget while adapting to changes within the agency.

Broadcasters have until October 1 to pay their annual fees, following a public comment period ending on July 29. Late payments will result in additional charges, and pending applications could be delayed.

This year’s proposed regulatory fees are:

FCC 2024 Fee Payment Scale

For comparison’s sake, here are 2023’s regulatory fees.

FCC 2023 Fee Payment Scale

The FCC is also reconsidering a 1993 policy that assumes broadcast stations that are dark or silent are experiencing financial hardship and thereby merit a regulatory fee waiver without needing to provide evidence. Moving forward, the FCC proposes requiring all stations requesting fee waivers to submit detailed financial documentation to demonstrate actual financial hardship.

The FCC’s proposal also revisits fees for various service providers, including space and earth station operators, reflecting broader shifts within the regulatory landscape and previous fiscal reallocations. This proposal comes in the context of wider operational reforms, such as the reorganization of the FCC’s internal bureaus and adjustments in fee calculations to reflect the current economic and industry conditions more accurately.


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