For Home Depot Versus Lowe’s, The Winner Was Radio


A surge in advertising, largely driven by Memorial Day weekend sales and promotions, brought big bucks to radio from battling home improvement giants. Leading the charge between May 20 and 26 was The Home Depot, which topped the list of national radio advertisers.

The Home Depot put up 61,796 spot plays as part of the retailer’s strategic push to capitalize on the holiday weekend, a prime time for home improvement projects and a season of outdoor activities. The chain’s main competitor, Lowe’s, placed a distant second, airing 51,740 ads, but they still rose from fourth overall in the week before when they only ran 38,668 spots.

Progressive Insurance took third place with 50,971 plays, maintaining a robust advertising presence to reach listeners during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

T-Mobile dropped one position to fourth with 48,355 ads, after jumping from 98th two weeks ago. The top ten saw more cell providers capitalize on radio, with Verizon Wireless and Straight Talk making the full list.

Mattress Firm rounded out the top five, broadcasting 41,976 spots, leveraging the long weekend to promote sales events.

The significant increase in radio advertising during this period underscores the importance of radio in Memorial Day weekend marketing strategies for brands across numerous industries.



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