Selling Clients On Spending Money


(By Chris Stonick) Why do I love recruitment advertising? There are so many reasons, here’s one. To me, the hardest job a seller has is trying to convince someone to spend advertising dollars. But what if that “selling clients” step was removed?

Wouldn’t life – and sales – be easier? That’s exactly what you get when you talk to companies about recruitment advertising on radio. In most cases, recruitment dollars are budgeted. The money is being spent… Well, misspent, actually.

Odds are the money they are spending is not gaining the desired result that they are looking for.

That makes it pretty easy to ask for their budget. In many cases, all of their budget. If you want to practice your “convincing” skills, be my guest. But I’d rather take the easier road to building wealth and strong client relationships.

For more than three decades, Chris Stonick has helped thousands of organizations across the country with recruiting and retention while generating well over $100,000,000 in billing for his client radio stations. Contact Chris at 863-397-5615 or by email. Read Chris’ Radio Ink archives here.


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