Yacht Rocker Walter Egan Joins Nashville’s Hippie Radio


American rock artist Walter Egan is set to host a new radio show on Nashville’s Hippie Radio 94.5 (WHPY-FM/WYGI-AM). Titled Walt’s Record Vault, the program will debut on Sunday, May 19. Egan is best known for his 1978 Top 10 hit “Magnet & Steel” which was inspired by Stevie Nicks, featuring both her and Lindsey Buckingham on backing vocals.

Over the years, he has performed alongside Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and Bob Welch. Currently residing in Middle Tennessee, Egan remains active in the music scene, collaborating with bands like Ambrosia, Orleans, and Firefall, and participating in Yacht Rock Tours.

Egan says, “The show will be a lot of original hippie music from the late 60’s early 70’s centered around the Haight-Ashbury era. It’s kind of a post-grad college radio playlist. Should be lots of fun!”



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