Not Everyone Likes Vanilla


(By Chris Stonick) Clients And salespeople ask me all the time, can you write me a great ad? I always answer, “No.” They look puzzled at this point. What do you mean you can’t write me a great ad? I thought that’s what you do!

Instead of me writing a great ad for you, why don’t I write great ads for you? The thought that a singular ad will get everyone to respond is ludicrous. Not everyone reacts to the same thing. Not everyone likes vanilla. (Although it is my favorite) That’s why we have lots of flavors of ice cream.

The same goes for writing ads: come in with multiple, solid approaches and explain to the client that attacking from different flanks is a great idea. Bring them some chocolate, cherry, and rocky road… not just vanilla.

For more than three decades, Chris Stonick has helped thousands of organizations across the country with recruiting and retention while generating well over $100,000,000 in billing for his client radio stations. Contact Chris at 863-397-5615 or by email. Read Chris’ Radio Ink archives here.


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