New RAB Certification Teaches Content Creators To Monetize


The Radio Advertising Bureau has introduced a new certification program designed specifically for radio’s content creators. The RAB CRMC Content Creators course extends from the foundational principles established in the Radio Marketing Consulting course.

The training initiative targets a variety of roles within media companies, including program and production directors, operations managers, on-air talent, and those involved in promotions, web design, podcasting, and social media management.

The RAB Professional Development team produced eight online classes for content creators featuring concise video modules covering a range of topics such as branding, sales fundamentals, commercial creativity, and strategies for effective communication in today’s diverse media environment.

Contributing to the course are several prominent industry figures, such as iHeartMedia Black Information Network President Tony Coles, Nights with Elaina host Elaina Smith, Hubbard Radio Chicago Content Director Keith Hastings, Bob & Sheri Show co-host Sheri Lynch, and McVay Media President Mike McVay.

Outgoing RAB President Erica Farber said, “I’m delighted RAB is launching this one-of-a-kind training program as I’ve been thinking about this course since I first joined the organization. As I like to say, we are all in sales, and while not everyone working at a radio station is directly accountable for sales, each and every radio employee has a direct influence over revenue coming into the company.”

Mike McVay added, “I was excited to learn that RAB was developing a sales and marketing course for programmers. I was even more excited when they asked me to participate. This business is so complex, and so rapidly changing, that it’s a great practice for those of us in content creation to learn everything we can about the business … including sales.”


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