Sunny 95 Clouds Over As Layoffs Hit Saga’s Columbus Cluster


Saga Communications announced a series of layoffs as part of a strategic restructuring across its Columbus, Ohio cluster. The staff cuts involve talent and directors at Sunny 95 (WSNY), Rewind 103.5 (WNND), and Mix 107.9 (WVMX).

Dino Tripodis and Stacy McKay, the familiar voices behind Sunny 95’s morning show Sunny This Morning, have both left the station. Tripodis, who originally hosted from 1994 to 2018 before returning in 2021, had nearly 27 years at Sunny 95. McKay, co-hosting for 13 years, had left briefly but returned in 2010 to continue for nearly 14 more years.

Tripodis told WCMH-TV, “Thank you Columbus for allowing me in your daily lives for 30 years. I look forward to the opportunity to continue being in your lives with any future opportunities that may come my way. I may be gone from one place but far from done.”

Additionally, News Director Clark Donley and producer Greg Hansberry were also released from their roles. Donley had been with the station for over three decades, and Hansberry had multiple terms as a producer.

‘Miss Lisa’ Bryant, another noted personality who worked the afternoons on Sunny 95 and mornings on Rewind, has also been let go. She had been a part of WSNY since 2016.

Andre Styles Friederich, events director and host at Mix 107.9, was laid off after 14 years.

According to a job listing, Saga is now in search of a replacement morning host for WSNY who can engage more interactively with listeners and be a prominent social media and public presence.


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